Converting your Traffic into Customers

Often, on accountancy websites, the sole ambition is to drive as much traffic to it as possible with the belief that this will lead to more custom and therefore more profit. This is often where the strategy behind the website stops. Whilst often getting more traffic does lead to more custom, this is not where you should stop. By having a website, you have given yourself a great opportunity to squeeze as many customers as possible out of it and to do this you don’t just need more traffic; you need more of the traffic converting and becoming customers. This is called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).


What Is CRO for Accountancy Firms and Why Is It Important?

CRO for accountancy firms essentially means that a higher percentage of visitors to your website become a customer or take an action which you have sought after. To work out your current conversion rate simply take the total number of enquiries from your website and divide by the total number of unique visitors. For example, if you had 100 unique visitors and 1 enquiry, you would have a conversion rate of 1%.


The aim of CRO is to increase this conversion rate. There are many reasons why increasing this rate are important for websites for accountants.

  1. Paid advertising such as Google Ads is getting more expensive and the market is becoming more highly saturated (e.g. more competitive). Therefore, finding a way of getting more business without spending more money on these paid adverts is becoming more important
  1. This is pretty much a free way of increasing sales and profit. You can increase enquiry conversions through various simple techniques and the good news is that these are all free. Therefore, it means that you can make more money without increasing your cost base
  1. The internet is a very fickle marketplace and this means small differences can make a big impact. Being only marginally better than a competitor can lead to vast amounts of customers choosing you over the competitor.


What Can You Do to Improve Conversion Rates?

So, you know that conversion rates are important but how can you actually go about improving them? Well, the simple answer is to improve your accountancy website but that’s a very broad and not particularly helpful answer. Therefore, this can be split down into two sections; the design of the website and the usage of tools to identify issues.


How the Design of Your Accountancy Website Can Be Improved to Increase Conversions

The design of websites for accountants is highly correlated to the customer experience and a few simple tweaks here and there can make a big difference to the customer experience and in doing so a big difference to your enquiry conversions.

  1. A clean and easy to navigate website will lead to more customers staying for longer periods of time and the longer they stay, the more likely they are to enquire. Ensure that your website is clutter-free with clear headings
  1. Are there any call to actions on your website? If not, then this could be an easy change to increase customer enquiry conversions. Websites which don’t encourage action or make it clear what the next step in the process is are unlikely to get enquiries. Make it easy for customers to get in touch by adding contact forms and also by simply asking them to either fill in a form or give you a call
  1. With the prevalence of different types of devices such as tablets and phones being used as the primary form of viewing information, it is important to consider whether or not your site is “view friendly” on these platforms. If not, your accountancy website could be losing out on enquiry conversions as a result
  1. In a time of increasing online fraud, it is important to have a site that looks trustworthy. To do this, you can include kitemarks on the site to help instil trust.


Using Tools and Techniques to Identify Issues

When looking at your accountancy website, having been involved in the development yourself it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and know where potential issues are which are stopping you increasing your enquiry conversion rate. Fortunately, there are various tools and techniques you can use to identify these issues and make changes to improve your conversion rate.

  1. Google Analytics is the main tool you can use and it will soon become your best friend. Within the Google Analytics suite, there are various measures you can look at to get insight into customer’s habits and patterns. The main two are bounce and exit rate.

The bounce rate is a measure of the percentage of customers visiting a site who leave having only viewed one page. A high rate can be indicative of customers not finding the information they want. It is important to know this as it means you can focus your attention in the right area.

An exit rate is a measure which shows you which page people view last before leaving your site. Like the bounce rate, if you were to see a specific page with a particularly large exit rate, it is important to know this so you can focus attentions here.

  1. You can also identify the visitor flow of your site and see which areas of your service are the most popular. By doing this, you can then ensure that your website represents that core area of business
  1. Once you have identified particular issues, you can use a technique called split (or A/B) testing to work on the issues. What this means is that you change one element at a time leaving everything else exactly the same and compare the rates. For example, you may wish to insert a contact us form and then measure the conversion rate against this. It is important to only change one element at a time so you can isolate areas which make improvements and those that don’t. This testing can be a slow process but it is methodical and will allow continuous improvement.


CRO for accountancy firms is important and with competitors always changing and evolving you could find that your customers abandon you for a competitor if you take your eye off the ball. Therefore, it is important to consider CRO on a continuous basis rather than as a one-off process.


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