Blogs are a great way to ensure quality content is added regularly to your site, but there’s little value to spending time and effort on posts if you don’t take certain steps to encourage people will want to read them. After all, the difference between a good blog post and a great one is that readers will share the latter. We’ve compiled a checklist to help you ensure your blog posts get the attention they deserve.

Read all about it!

Have you given your post an interesting title? Readers are more likely to click if the headline grabs their attention. Think about the articles you click on or share when skimming through your Facebook feed or browsing news websites – often it’s the ones with an impactful title. If you’re dubious about your ability to write a cracking headline, test your ideas with this great headline analyser that gives you a mark out of 100 for your efforts.

Picture perfect

Imagery has many benefits within a blog post. It can reinforce a point, break up text, add humour or emotion and even increase content sharing. Think carefully about the images you use and how they add value to the text. Better yet, include video if necessary or appropriate.

Lay it up

A good layout for your post is important if you want your audience to read to the end. Rather than facing them with a big wall of text, break up your content into paragraphs with sub-headings, add graphs and images and ensure the formatting works on the main browsers and devices. Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct and that the text follows a consistent style – all this will make it seem less daunting to a consumer and can reinforce your perceived expertise in your sector.

Tag team

Ensuring you use tags and categories will mean that not only can you keep your overall blog optimised, you can also increase the chances of it being found by users when they’re searching on social media or on your own website. Readers can browse through related posts and spend more time enjoying your work if the posts are tagged and categorised properly.

What’s the plan?

Finally, ensure that you have a solid social sharing and content re-purposing plan. Not every post will lend itself to re-purposing, but some may merit more in-depth work in the form of a whitepaper, or benefit from presentation as a slide deck or infographic. Once you have a plan around content formats, think about distribution and where different types of content will gain momentum. A whitepaper, for example, may not do so well on Twitter but be popular on Linked In.

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How to get people reading your blog posts
Article Name
How to get people reading your blog posts
Tips on how to make eye catching blogs and in turn increase your readers

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