Ranking higher with Online Directories 

Google, also known as the Big G, is crucial for accountancy marketing. Let's say for example, somebody from Bromley, Kent is looking for an accountant. They open up a fresh new Google search page and type in "accountants in Bromley", or "Bromley Accountants." Immediately, Google will display the top 10 accountants in Bromley on their first page of results.

Now, are these really going to be the "top ten" accountants in the area? The answer may surprise you, but actually getting to the top of Google has nothing to do with being the best company of your kind. It all has to do with search engine optimization (or SEO), and how Google determines which companies SHOULD be displayed based on the search criteria you have entered.

SEO factors to help you in Google ranking positions

There are many factors that go hand in hand with getting to the top of Google. In this article, we are going to discuss how citations work in Google, and why they are beneficial for local SEO. There is an utmost importance of accountants focusing on their immediate geographic area in order to be seen on Google.  From a marketing perspective we always advise firms to focus on their immediate area and expand outwards from their centre - like a ripple in water.  This is why we suggest focusing on localised SEO to begin with.

What are citations and how will they enhance the visibility of my accounting firm?

A citation is like a vote of confidence.  Just as you might refer your neighbour or friend to a particular electrician you have used in the past, the same works in Google.  Unlike word-of-mouth recommendations which Google obviously can't track, it needs a digital referral (or citation) to measure the level of recommendation.  The more word-of-mouth referrals that electrician gets then it's likely he will receive more business.  Likewise, the more digital citations your company gets, the more votes of credibility Google records and therefore boosts you up the search results.

Accountants - where to start with your marketing?

The best way for accountants to build up their citations are through online directories in their local area (such as Yell.com or Thomsonlocal), and also in directories specialising in the accounting or finance sector (.e.g : http://www.accountant-directory.co.uk/ ).  This form of accountancy SEO promotes your services to as many relevant places on the Internet as possible.  It is often affordable (with most listings being free), but can be time consuming to manually enter all the details repeatedly.  (We strongly advise against automated software!).   

Most accountants never learn how to market themselves. They simply become an accountant, set up their business, and wait for the clients to come pouring in. Sadly life is not as simple as that! You must familiarize yourself with accountancy marketing or accountancy SEO tactics. It can be a ton of work learning how to do this yourself, so hiring a specialist SEO firm is highly recommended.

Case study of an accountant

I once knew of a friend (of a friend) who poured a large sum into her start-up accounting business. She registered the business name, set up a corporate bank account, spent a small fortune on a website and custom-made client database. She was overly excited when her custom-made business cards arrived and her business was "set up". She didn't receive one single client or website order. Frustrated, she asked what else she needed to do. It didn't even occur to her that some type of marketing needed to be done.

She then spent thousands of dollars having print-ads made, advertising on local radio, going door-to-door and doing a lot of leg work. In reality, all she really needed to do was hire a firm to help her with local SEO.  Eventually she enlisted some help, and once she maintained her rank on the first page of Google, her business exploded. When people would type in, "Accountants in Ohio", she came up first in the results. People found her. They trusted her. They placed orders.

Learn more about localised SEO services to help enhance your accountancy firm

Contact specialist accountancy marketing professionals - Whitefish Marketing in Folkestone, Kent.  We have experience in helping accountancy firms grow their client base.  Let us show you what we can do to help with your local SEO.  Call us on 01303 720 288 to speak with a member of our team today.  (Other marketing services from Whitefish Marketing include:  SEO for Accountants, Websites for Accountants and Content Writing for Accountants)

How online directories help Local SEO for Accountancy Firms
Article Name
How online directories help Local SEO for Accountancy Firms
An overview for accountancy firms to improve their local SEO by using online directories.

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