What to measure in Google Analytics which is relevant for Small Businesses

Recently Whitefish Marketing had the privilege of being invited along to present at the Social Academy, run by Zoe Cairns at ZC Social Media and in connection with Kent Channel Chamber of Commerce.  Although the main purpose of the day was centered around Social Media operations, the software tools, monitoring, scheduling and strategy etc. we had a nice slot to help say a few words about how Google Analytics can help small businesses.

Google Analytics helps identify true returns

For managing directors or managers of small companies (or better yet completely new start-ups), running the business truly is a full time effort. As the owner you need to keep your eye on your bottom line, and more importantly on the "purse strings" to ensure every penny spent is generating a positive return and hopefully growth for your company.

Marketing budgets are a common ground where many owners/directors/managers tend not to measure fully, yielding to the belief that "it must be working". However, what if you are running multiple campaigns, across different platforms. Do you really know which medium is working for you then? You need to identify which sources are really yielding a return and which are simply playing to your vanity. That is where Google Analytics comes in.

Google Analytics is a vast tool and there is a saying called "Analysis Paralysis". That is to say that you could end up going round in circles looking at too many different metrics. So our presentation aims to help identify the basic key metrics that you as a small business owner can look up in Google Analytics to quickly ascertain the salient points.

Whitefish Marketing can help your small business

For more details or help with marketing analytics and digital campaigns, contact us today. Also, if you are a start-up, then why not take a look at our new business start-up package available.

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