How to get more from Google+

A lot of digital marketers are still on the fence about Google+.  Many businesses have a page but do very little with it, since interaction seems to be limited compared to the likes of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  For some, it’s a great way to acquire or demonstrate their authority within a particular field, while for others putting content out there is like throwing a piece of tumbleweed into the desert.

So how can you engage your G+ audience and increase your reach?

Find out when they’re watching

“But how?” we hear you cry. Start by taking a look at Timing+. It’s a clever (and better yet, free) tool that helps you see when the best time to make a post is. Simply sign in with your G+ login and take a look at the breakdown of when your followers are active throughout the day. Then you can start scheduling your posts to coincide with the hours when most activity is occurring. Perfect!

There’s nothing wrong with a social piggyback

We’ve all done it, and there’s no shame: using someone with an established audience to give you a helping hand. Find out who on Google+ has influence in your sector – there are plenty of tools such as NOD3x (and others) to help you do this – and formulate a plan on how you can go about leveraging their authority.

The plan can include things like getting said established influencer to write or publish a post on their blog/social pages/website that mentions your company. Of course you have to be able to convince them of the value in what you’re offering, and possibly also of your value to them as a contact. Not always easy, but if you can do it you’ll reap the rewards.

Engage in others’ Google + pagesgoogle plus computer screen

Social media is about give and take, it’s about forming relationships and starting conversations. So don’t expect your followers to interact on your page all the time if you never engage with theirs. Take the time to regularly comment or share their posts and to join in discussions on their pages. You can even go as far as to offer something mutually beneficial if and when relevant, for example, a competition prize for promotion within their social channels or sample products to people who sign up to your page.

Keep content fresh and interesting

Create images specifically for Google+ or post exclusively to that channel, then promote the exclusive post on other social media. People love nothing more than to be a part of an elite club – those who get extra for knowing where to look. Encourage and incentivise commenting or sharing and make sure it’s rewarded, even with something simple like a positive review or link. That way, instead of having one post that you share on all your social channels, you’re creating content for this specific audience, designed to benefit and entertain them.

Extend your content offering

This relates to the previous point, but it’s worth mentioning that content comes in all shapes and sizes and you shouldn't just stick to blog posts and images. Publish useful tips, invite users to Q&A sessions, share interviews or video tutorials – anything that adds a new dimension to the page and value for your followers. If you can solve a problem or answer a question that nobody else is in your industry is addressing, you’re immediately offering your user base something more than the competition.

Ultimately increasing your Google+ following and engaging your existing audience is like anything else in the digital world: it’s about having a plan and putting in the necessary work to make the plan come to fruition. Spending the time building relationships and giving as much as you take will, in time, see your page become more popular and more active. 

Are you on Google +?

Let us know how you fair with Google +.  Do you use it… more importantly do you use it well?  In the spirit of this topic, we naturally encourage you to SHARE this post 😉   But also, so please leave us your comments below on what you have found seems to work in Google +

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How to get more from Google+
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How to get more from Google+
What's so special about Google+ and why we should consider it as an extension of our other social media mediums

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