Five reasons why effective blogging helps SEO


Introduction - Why bother with blogs?

Remember those heady days when blogging was the 'next big thing'? The days when anyone with an internet connection, a basic grasp of language, and access to Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr could be up and running with a blog in a matter of minutes? Remember how the unfiltered views of the great (and not so great) could be communicated instantly? And how we would no longer be held hostage to the whims of media moguls? “Power to the people,” we cried. Didn't we?  

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Personally, I've reached the stage where I struggle to accurately remember those times. A decade of working in marketing and advertising means I've witnessed changes occur rapidly and with varying degrees of success. Such is the evolving nature of digital, there may well have been a period when such unbridled excitement over blogging truly existed; or it may all be an elaborate fabrication to simply keep you hooked and reading more... That said, blogging has been through turbulent times in recent months. In particular, the art of guest blogging was decried earlier in 2014 by Google's Matt Cutts himself:  

"Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop."


So should we stop guest blogging? Or blogging in general? What about micro-blogging? And what on Earth should we do about vlogging? Oh God, I can't even remember my login to WordPress? I vaguely recall seeing an authentication email about Blogspot, but was that even my site? What shall I do with all these accounts? Seriously? Anyone?

And breathe...

Ok, so I may have got a bit overexcited and needed a lie down. Following a nice cup of coffee, I'm ready to continue. So, what should you do about blogging? The simple fact is: keep going. Keep going and keep going, and eventually you'll reap the rewards. It's not going to happen overnight, but there are myriad benefits that make it a discipline that will pay dividends for your website and your company. “How so,” I hear the voices in my head cry. Well, I'm glad they ask.

Blogging for SEO purposes

Let us present to you five reasons why effective blogging for business will help SEO.

Reason 1: increase organic traffic

Try as any writer will to insist that words are the be-all and end-all – and my, they are lovely – there will be times when filling a website with text just isn't practical. Sometimes it pays to simply sit back and let imagery do the talking. In the past, we've seen clients adopt a minimalist approach to copy which delivers exceptional customer experience, yet fails to attract the traffic it deserves. “How come,” your inquisitive mind might ask. “Surely it's all about great user experience?” And, to an extent, you'd be right. But consider that fact that, without any text on your minimalist site, you'll hit the following problem:

  • Users type keywords into a search engine to find relevant information. Without relevant keywords on your site, you're not going to match any searches


Without website copy to alert search engines to the relevancy of the site, how are you to attract traffic? The next course of action will be investing in paid traffic and, let's be honest, nobody wants to have to do that if they can afford not to. By investing in a blog, and regularly posting valuable articles, your presence in search engines becomes more prominent. Include relevant links back to your main landing pages, and a stream of traffic will flow to the site.

There’s a famous line from a famous film involving Kevin Costner and a certain American sporting past-time, (which we probably won’t have the image rights to, so we’ll just make do with the quote  “If you build it, he will come”

Reason 2: converting traffic into leads

Any digital marketer knows that getting traffic to their website is just half the battle. Converting that traffic into actionable leads means employing conversion rate optimisation techniques that not only benefit you, but website users. Through your blog, you have the opportunity to achieve both these aims en route to increasing the leads your site is capable of securing.

Any blog post, big or small, has the potential to pay dividends. Not only can it attract traffic from an increased number of keywords and enhance the number of pages indexed and crawled by search engines, there is the potential to trigger the response you desire, simply through the incorporation of suitable call-to-actions. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at a practical example.

  • Joe is looking for a new car
  • Joe searches for ‘best value used cars’ in Google
  • Joe falls on your blog post entitled, ‘Five of the best value used cars from Ford’
  • From the article, Joe determines that the Ford Focus is the car for him

In such a situation, it seems obvious that Joe is a lead-in-waiting. By presenting Joe with a suitable call-to-action, he could well become a valuable lead. It doesn't have to be a phonecall direct to your company or an online purchase; it may be the request for more information, accessing exclusive content, or taking the next step in the customer journey.

Reason 3: attract links

Before content marketing became the product of choice of marketers everywhere, link building was all the rage. Then, as now, generating quality links was of fundamental importance in your SEO strategy. However, link building has itself evolved and is all about attracting links organically, and working alongside the content you generate for your blog to reach an audience that finds you relevant, useful, entertaining and informative. The anatomy of content marketing - the heart of online success - See more at:

Assuming the content you host on your site adheres to these principles, eschewing over-the-top advertising messages and sales speak for the content that people and users want, the chances of attracting valuable links and valuable traffic are increased.  Even more prominent with the inclusion of social sharing.

Reason 4: establish authority

By now, we're probably all familiar with the term 'thought leader' and we probably all know someone that claims to hold such an illustrious title. As egregious as the term may be, there is value in trying to establish your brand and your site as the true authority in its niche. With a regularly updated, content-rich blog, the potential to make your mark in your industry is there for the taking.

Your company blog should look to answer and ease the concerns of potential customers; by consistently offering content that meets – and exceeds – expectations, you will generate the referrals, the links, the traffic, and the authority you deserve. In the world of SEO, there's nothing better than seeing the links and the traffic pouring in, all from simply investing in content that reaches out to users.

Reason 5: increase crawling

It's not unusual for clients to bemoan the lack of time in which to create content for their websites. Knowing where to develop and expand can prove difficult when it seems that you've covered all the bases at launch. Regularly adding fresh content, however, is essential for the on-going performance of your site; the more content you add, the more often your website will get crawled by search engines. This, is turn, enhances the SEO performance of your site, increasing visibility of key pages in addition to your homepage.

It goes without saying, therefore, that adding a blog to your website provides scope to add content on a regular basis, offering a suitable platform and the freedom to waiver from the main site's core messaging. Plus, regular blogging adds more and more pages to your sitemap, meaning an increased crawl rate and increased search engine visibility.

So, blogging does benefit SEO after all?

YES!  Yes, it sure does!  And not only from a technical perspective.  Enhancing accessibility and complementing the development of your website, blogging is a means to improve SEO performance and deliver a greater customer experience. Not only that, it can aid conversion and lead generation, meaning that, no matter what anyone says, having a blog is fundamental to online success.  

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