The news of Facebook’s newest tools will be music to the ears of content publishers and social media marketers across the globe. The social giant has announced a new set of features called Instant Articles, which will enable publishers to push articles and blog posts straight to Facebook from their CMS.

Using the same technology that makes photo and video posting easy within the Facebook app, the social network is enabling content marketers to load posts up to ten times faster than previously.

The suite of tools is designed not only to make life easier for content publishers, but also to provide a new content experience for those consuming it. According to the official Instant Articles website, stories will be brought to life with high resolution images, autoplay video and embedded audio captions.

Instant Articles has been developed to work with a range of articles from short news items all the way to longform pieces, allowing publishers to add further value to their Facebook pages as well as their websites. There’s also the opportunity for publishers to sell ads within their articles, use their own analytics tools and customise content with their business’ branding.

A selection of Facebook’s publishing partners, including BBC News, the Guardian and National Geographic, will be the first to launch the Instant Articles tools, with rollout happening thereafter. At present, it is only available for Facebook on iPhone, but an Android version is in testing.


To learn more about becoming an Instant Articles publisher, contact Facebook.

Facebook launches new article tools
Article Name
Facebook launches new article tools
Facebook launches a new feature called instant articles enabling you to publish your content faster and easier.

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