Setting up your marketing strategy 

For start-ups or small businesses, marketing is often one of the lesser tasks completed correctly.  With all hands on deck to help with sales, delivery, operations, admin, invoicing etc, it’s no wonder why marketing gets left behind and why many business owners don’t know where to start.  Chris Surridge from Whitefish Marketing drops some hints as to help business owners get that digital marketing ball rolling.

Generating compelling content

If you’re a small business looking to improve your online presence and drive traffic to your website, a well-structured digital marketing strategy is a must. While there are many things you can to do get your name recognised and pique people’s interest, generating compelling content is a fundamental requirement and represents the most cost-effective means engaging your audience.

Focus on your website

A well-written, informative, and compelling website is a must for any company looking to succeed online, so make sure all web-based copy is up to scratch. Check your site for repetition, grammatical errors, and other mistakes, and ensure everything you read is as gripping and engaging as possible. As many people skim the first few lines of a page to see whether they’ll bounce or stay, the opening words are of paramount importance. Make them count by getting straight to the point and communicate the relevant message early.

Set up a blog

A blog is a great digital marketing platform for small businesses as it’s cheap to set up, run, and maintain. It’s the perfect platform to place original content, so create a bank of entertaining copy and keep potential clients informed about what’s going on. Of course, your blog should be as industry relevant as possible, but avoid pushing marketing messages too explicitly as this can be frustrating for readers.Remember, content is more than about just words, so make the most of videos, infographics, images, and photographs where appropriate.

Guest blogging

Once you’ve set up a website and blog of your own, you might want to consider guest blogging. Posting on other people’s sites is an effective networking tool and the perfect way to reach out to like-minded people. To make a start, simply contact the owner of the blog, write a post tailored to their requests/needs, and ask them to include a link back to your site. This will get your site more hits and help spread your company’s name, plus it can help your website’s performance in search engines thanks to the links you build.

SEO article creation

If article creation forms part of your SEO strategy, it’s essential to produce keyword-rich copy that’s interesting and engaging. Focus should always be on writing forhuman beings in preference to search engines,so ensure all words flow properly and are not awkwardly manipulated just to squeeze in some long-tail phrases. One of the best ways to generate the content you need is to use freelance writers or a copywriting agency, or better yet, a full service SEO agency.Ensure they’re up to scratch by sampling their work and provide them with a clear brief before they start a writing project. With suitable preparation, you will be provided with rich and engaging content that effectively communicates your messages to your audience.

Contact Whitefish Marketing for your SEO content needs

Generating compelling content is a crucial task for any small business, so think outside the box and be as imaginative as possible. What’s more, with search engines becoming ever-more competent at determining what content is and isn’t valuable or relevant, investing in the content that your website deserves has never been more important.  Speak with a representative from Whitefish Marketing in Kent for more details on how they can help grow your business through digital marketing.

Digital marketing tips for small businesses
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Digital marketing tips for small businesses
Tips on how to get the digital marketing ball rolling

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