Your Content Marketing Strategy

In the age where social media and the Internet is dominating the business world, every organization has some form of marketing department that focuses on promoting the products and services of the firm.

It is impossible for marketing to stand out successfully without great content. Whatever type of marketing strategy you adopt, content marketing should be part of the process, and it must not be forgotten about.

There has been a long discussion that "content is king", and yes it is, but having good content would change the game. Just like with any good reading material, we always want to produce a "page-turner" that encourages the reader to absorb the whole article - and this my friend, is good content.

Creating content is easy but making it great is even harder.  In today's fast-paced society, viewers may only read the first sentence to decide if they have the time and inclination to continue reading.  Content Marketing is like telling a story - sharing ideas in a most interesting way;  it's like connecting your thoughts with other people.

Here are some tips to help you create a story that would entice the readers to stay and finish the whole content.

Know your goal

When developing your content marketing plan, make sure you have your end goal in mind for example, What are you trying to achieve with your message and the method of its delivery?

Before doing anything, set a goal and this will help you determine your strategy.

Know your target audience - who will read your content?

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Before actually diving into the act of writing, give some thought into WHO will actually be reading your work, or rather WHO you are actively targeting.  This in turn will have an impact on your mannerism, tone of voice and even the type of content you write.

Content for corporate audiences will have more of a formal tone, and focus on elements about selling, persuasion, or education.  Content for the general public might lean towards entertainment and be more light-hearted.

The medium in which you use to deliver your message might mirror who you are writing for.  Content for social boards will never be the same as the content you write for sales literature.

So always remember who your target audience is.

What are the types of content you could include?

Now that you’ve determined your goals and established your audience, it's time to think about the types of written content that are available.

Written content mediums include the likes of: blog posts, ebooks, review articles and opinion pieces, sales literature, whitepapers, tutorials, plus many others.  Knowing and organizing the types of content you incorporate within your site can ultimately drive more traffic and increase sign ups.

Start your content with a Bang

Headlines can make or break your article. Having a killer headline would capture the interest of your readers.

Creating a headline that will make your audience curious and interested is something that will lure them into clicking and reading the article, generating more traffic to your website.

Create Something that is Versatile and be Creative

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Great content brings new insight to its readers and also teaches them, allowing them to enjoy a new kind of experience. The content must be informative enough that a reader can learn something new after finishing your article.

If you have written an dull article which can easily be found on other sites due to the fact its duplicated or a very common piece with no spice or difference.  These things may put your website at risk of increasing its bounce rate due to readers leaving.

It's important to make your content as entertaining as possible. When creating content you want to connect with the audience creating a positive, engaging and knowledgeable experience.  This in turn can make the audience explore elsewhere increasing your pages/sessions and can lead to conversions.

An excellent article is timely; it should be something that people can relate to, something that is recent and up to date. Knowing the latest trends, and recent events is a major factor to consider when writing good content.

If possible, refrain from condensing your content. It's important  create lengthy articles meets as this meets the necessary guidelines for Google Panda updates which target pages with low quality content and ultimately can rank you lower!

You also need to consider making your content relevant and easy to read. You can do this by adding in keywords, relevant links, sectioning out different areas, making it consistent so on and so forth.

As the saying goes, honesty is always the best policy, so, when writing an article one of the ways you can create a connection with your audience is to express how you feel about what you writing.

What to Takeaway

So what have we learnt, here are some simple pointers of what to think about when you create your next article

1) Make sure its relevant

2) Make sure its up to date

3) Lengthy articles are always best, normally base it around 800 words or more

4) Know your audience  and which businesses you are targeting, this will determine your tone of voice whether it be informal or formal.

5) UNIQUE CONTENT - Probably the most important factor of all!

6) Grammar and Spell check as Google will pick up on this!

7) Shareability of your content, will people want to share it with others?

8) Do not use spinning tools

Remember: Don't worry if it fails, mistakes are bound to happen. Making mistakes can only make you stronger, from this you can learn and grow. There is more to tell that just a dull narration, be the storyteller that the business world needs.

Author Bio

Iman Bahrani is the CEO of, a Search Engine Optimization agency in Brisbane. He is an expert in digital marketing. He usually spends his free time writing and sharing his ideas to his readers.