Content Marketing 2014 Infographic

Measuring the success of content marketing is never easy, with figures on traffic, page time, bounce rate, etc. judging efficacy in a way that is not wholly convincing for many clients. In fact, potential clients will often require much more in order to be prepared to dedicate thousands of pounds to a slow-burning content marketing plan. By embracing industry statistics, you have the opportunity to put forth convincing arguments that boost lead conversion.

Our content marketing infographic below (Courtesy of Minerva Copywriting) provides an overview of some essential points you should raise when pitching content marketing services to clients. These figures have the ability to identify the positive effect content marketing can have on a strategy, with such revealing figures as content being 62% cheaper than traditional marketing tactics while generating three times more leads certain to connect with potential clients.

content marketing infographic

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Content Marketing 2014
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Content Marketing 2014
Some interesting stats on Content Marketing for 2014. Check out our infographic here.

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