Frequent Pitfalls experienced in Digital Marketing 

For many companies, digital marketing represents a maze riddled with hidden surprises. A single wrong turn can lead them down a path that ends in frustration and despair, where backtracking is the only option and a waste of valuable time and energy. With the correct guide to help traverse this labyrinth of volatility, change and opportunity, conquering the digital landscape and letting your marketing activity flourish can deliver unprecedented levels of success.

Of course, one simple mistake can bring success grinding to a halt, and it’s common for companies of all sizes to experience the sleepless nights associated with poorly invested marketing budgets. Yet, there’s no shame in falling foul of the latest digital marketing protocols; this multifaceted discipline demands a level of professionalism that can overwhelm the most talented marketer. At Whitefish Marketing, we develop our strategies to adhere to the best practices of the marketplace, ensuring that our clients avoid the common pitfalls experienced by many in the world of digital marketing.


Time and resource

Effective digital marketing demands an investment in time and energy, with the right skillset necessary to succeed online. There’s no shortcut to putting the hard work in, and no ‘quick win’ to ensure effective online performance.  Keeping up with ongoing digital marketing changes, latest Google algorithm updates, and best practices across multiple mediums is a full time position which requires full time attention. 


Poor planning

All too often, businesses are rushed into action, looking for effective ways to play catch up with the competition or reacting to industry changes by trying to cut corners. There will always be times when deadlines are urgent, but considered planning should mitigate such occurrences.  Understanding which elements to use for instant results, and which to use for long term growth is key.  Forcing a situation, or using “black hat techniques” may result in your website being penalised, and setting yourself even further behind. 

Puzzle piece

Disjointed approach

Each element of a digital marketing strategy should be complementary to the next, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. With each factor working with the next, marketing performance will improve substantially, while a piecemeal approach will leave your strategy floundering. 

data graph

Misinterpreting data

Fundamental to the continued performance of your marketing strategy, the data you collect needs to be analysed correctly and understood in full. The wrong KPI metrics are commonly used to interpret levels of success, leading to marketing activity focusing on the wrong goals. 

starting point

Starting out

Knowing precisely where and when to begin with marketing activity is one of the biggest dilemmas faced by companies, and getting started on the right path is fundamental to later success. By embracing the experience of others, venturing into the world of digital marketing becomes far less daunting.

Common Pitfalls for more businesses
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Common Pitfalls for more businesses
Common pitfalls for more businesses, when trying to undertake digital marketing activities for growth and expansion. This guide shows the common hurdles and how to overcome them.

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