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Using ahrefs

Using ahrefs To Inspire Link Target Ideas

Aherfs is a key tool for SEO, here is a quick guide that shows you how to use them effectively

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google analytics

Old Search Queries Report Now Dropped from Google Search Console

The movement from the Google search console to search analytics report. An informative article of how it can be used,

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google search

Possible Reasons Why Your Website Pages Are Not Being Correctly Indexed by Google, or Other Search Engines

A guide to how Google page indexes work and how it could increase your ranking.

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No flash

Google Removes Flash Advertising

Informative article on what flash advertising is, how it is used and why Google has removed it.

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Beginners’ Guide to Display Advertising

A guide on display advertising opportunities.

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Local search ranking factors

local search ranking factors that can help you conquer the digital environment on a local scale

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Google Webmaster Tools Rebrands as Google Search Console

Google rebrands the Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console in a bid to include everyone

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SEO Sitemaps

Why sitemaps are important for SEO

Understand the importance of using proper sitemaps and how they will enhance your SEO. Learn more about using Sitemaps here.

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