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How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Search Results

It was only going to be a matter of time before Google’s algorithms used machine learning to determine the best results to serve to a particular user and whilst this is by no means a stand-alone rank signal, artificial intelligence is influencing search results now more than we realise and will only continue to evolve.

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Google Fred

What We Know About Google’s “Fred” Update

Do you know about Google's Fred update? This algorithm update took place earlier this month and relates to link quality.

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SEO keyword Rankings

How Will SEO Help My Business?

Many company owners ask ‘how will SEO help my business?’. We look at how great SEO leads to increased traffic, improved ROI and more sales.

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Mobile Optimisation

Top Tips for Optimising Google’s Mobile First Index

How does your site fare with Google’s Mobile First Index? Are you optimising this as well as you think? Read our top tips to find out...

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Changes to Google Keywords

Changes to Google Keyword Planner in AdWords

On 12th August, Google announced some changes to Google Keyword Planner that would affect the way keyword volume is reported. Have you been affected?

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Google ads and SEO

How Google’s new ad layout is impacting your SEO

Have you seen a change in your SEO performance? Here's what it could be. Need help with your marketing contact Whitefish Marketing in Folkestone.

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Using ahrefs

Using ahrefs To Inspire Link Target Ideas

Aherfs is a key tool for SEO, here is a quick guide that shows you how to use them effectively

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google analytics

Old Search Queries Report Now Dropped from Google Search Console

The movement from the Google search console to search analytics report. An informative article of how it can be used,

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