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How to test your site load speed

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Whitefish Team gave me –the key to testing site load speed. Site load speed is a pretty significant ranking factor. Google uses this indicator as a way of determining which sites should rank highest. Fast pages rank better and convert better than slow pages. If your site takes […]

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Online Marketing 2017

What is the Future of SEO in 2017

Mobile search, interactive content, schema mark up…just a few of the trends for SEO in 2017. Find out what businesses are doing to stay ahead.

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Web Design Pop Up

Common costly web design mistakes

Creating a website? Avoid these common mistake. Struggling to develop your online business contact Whitefish Marketing today.

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Marketing strategies for business start-ups1

Most important marketing strategies new business start-ups should concentrate on

A run through of important factors for new business start-ups to consider, when approaching their marketing strategy.

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Kent Accountancy Seminar hosted by Whitefish Marketing

Whitefish Marketing host their first seminar for Kent accountants

Office Press Release for Whitefish Marketing - following their seminar event, training local Kent accountants in the art of digital marketing for their firm

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public relations

Why real public relations is worth its salt

Looking at why real public relations can be beneficial to many aspects of your business.

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Small Business

Digital marketing tips for small businesses

Tips on how to get the digital marketing ball rolling

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Retention and Acquisition

Customer Acquisition vs Retention – which is more important?

Learn about the how useful Acquisition and Retention Marketing is and how it can be beneficial to your business

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