Blogger Outreach: How to Write Outreach Emails That Rock

Email Outreach that Works

No matter what kind of industry or a job you are doing, email outreach is probably one of the most important tools at your disposal.

We live in a digital world. In order to establish a contact with an unknown person, phone calls and classic mail will not cut it. Instead, it is much better to use emails as a way to break the ice.

Unfortunately, everybody is doing it. Companies are using emails to increase subscriptions, attract potential buyers/visitors, sell products or get links, shares and marketing exposure. You have to create a special type of email so that it will attract the necessary attention.

Here are some tips that will help you do it!

  1. Title is the most important part of email

Let’s face; without a proper title, you will not generate the necessary excitement or curiosity. Like with any sales pitch, you have to catch person’s attention immediately. Most of the emails never get opened. They are either sent to spam or deleted instantly. So, the first line of text is crucial. Create something memorable or something that will force a person to open the email. Similarly to article, you need catchy and actionable titles. Also, make sure that the title coincides with individual’s interests. Make them an offer they cannot refuse!

  1. Be direct and understandable

You have only one chance to make the first impression. Make it count. Present yourself, your company as well as product or service you are offering. Explain who you are and what you want. There shouldn’t be space for doubts or misinterpretation. Create an email which can be directly responded to. If a person has some additional questions or doesn’t understand what is asked from him, you have failed. When the recipient finishes reading your email, he should only have one of these two thoughts in his head: interested or not interested.

  1. Create positive emotions

Marketing is based on manipulation of human emotions. We are not only selling a product – we are creating a positive experience. This is something your email can benefit from. Tone of the email should be light, positive and it should indicate that only good things can happen by following through with the instructions provided in it.

  1. Added benefits

Yes, you are definitely offering something and it is obvious that this product should help user with a particular problem. But, this is not enough for a person to actually like it. In the end, people are much more hesitant when it comes to emails as they cannot see, hear or smell the product or experience the same excitement as they could with a physical product. So, you have to work extra hard and add some more benefits. Emphasise that this product/service is cheaper than your competition, that it is more durable or efficient.

  1. Personalise

Email outreach is usually done in bulk. You will probably send a couple of hundred emails during the day, pitching a lot of different companies and people. Still, every email has to be memorable and personalised. Nobody likes to feel as a number or just another name on the list. By adding small tweaks, you exponentially increase successfulness of your emails.

  1. Adapt email according to industry/auditorium

Different people respond to different things. In some industries, official, business like behavior is a must. On the other hand, there are niches and professions where it is much better to be warm and relaxed.

  1. Add signature and credentials

People are mortified of internet scams. They either go through email or social networks. Anyway, there are a lot of dubious characters skulking around. If you are really who you say you are, there shouldn’t be any problem leaving your personal data, right? At the same time, you should add credentials, link to the website and other websites that are mentioning your company (especially if they gave you a positive feedback). 

  1. Always follow up

If a person hasn’t responded to your email, it doesn’t mean he or she is not interested in what you are offering. Perhaps there is some other reason. Like with any sales, the purchase often happens after the second, third or even forth pitch. Just in case, always send a follow up email after a few days.

With these tips you are set! You can now create your own awesome emails and start winning over the market.

In case you still don’t feel like performing blogger outreach on your own, you should search for professional help. There are lots of white hat SEO companies that offer cheap SEO packages which include email outreach as a part of their service. Good luck!

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