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Traditionally, accounting firms have relied heavily on word of mouth to generate new business. Whilst that is still often the case, there is no doubt that accountancy websites are becoming more crucial in the fight to get new custom.

It is therefore important to ensure that your accounting website design is the best it can be to ensure customers don’t enter and then quickly exit your site without enquiring.


What Is the Best Design for an Accountancy Website?

First impressions are very important when it comes to accounting website design. The internet is a fickle marketplace and customers will leave very quickly if they don’t like the site. Therefore, making the website look clean, modern and professional is important if you want customers to stay on the site.

 Further to this, with an increasing number of users turning to other devices to view websites, it’s important to design websites with these users in mind also. Therefore, you must ensure that the website looks just as good on these devices as it does on the computer. Without doing this, you could potentially lose customers to competitors who have focused on all forms of user experience.

However, whilst the visual design is a key consideration, it isn’t the only one. Functionality and the overall customer experience is just as important. For example, having simple menus and an easy to navigate format makes the customer experience far better. It means that they can find the information they want with ease rather than having to search for it.

Within this, content is king. Getting people to stay on your site due to the appealing visual design and enabling them to navigate it with ease is half the battle. Giving people the content they need is the other half. Having a good about us page is an example of this. You can use this page to tell your story and to show off your well-qualified team. As one of the most viewed pages on a website, you can really engage with customers here and tell them why you are better than your competitors. Furthermore, giving customers an easy way to contact you either via contact us forms or “one tap phone numbers” is crucial as it enables them to respond to your call to actions with ease.

Whilst both the visual design and original content of a good accounting website can be managed by an agency, it is important to note that a good accountancy website design is also one which enables you to be able to update the site yourself. It is no good having a nice looking, easily navigatable website, with good content on if you are unable to easily update it due to the complex codes in the background. Using the right platform is important here. WordPress is a great platform as it focuses on the user experience and is extremely simple to use and update 


What Can We Do for you?

Here at Whitefish marketing, we create a design to suit your taste but also all websites are supported with strong technology and built in line with Google recommendations for enhanced optimization.

 As standard, our accountancy website builds offer:

  • Quality host providers with untainted servers
  • A strong platform - we only use the latest WordPress platforms to ensure that load times are as quick as possible and that the best security is in place for your site
  • A user-friendly platform - Having a website you can update yourself is important. We use WordPress, which is known as not only the best platform in terms of design but also in terms of usability. With this, you can easily update your site without having to incur additional costs
  • Easy to use drag and drop builders for better Content Management
  • We never sell proprietary based software so should you wish to leave us, there would be no exit fees
  • We tailor the accounting website design to your specific needs using your ideas and inspirations to drive the design process. We are there to put these ideas into practice and make them happen for you. We are also there to ensure that essentials such as Call to Actions, best practices and mobile functionality are implemented
  • SEO-friendly - all sites we build are built with future SEO needs in mind. This means that if you wish to adopt digital marketing in the future, the process will be smooth, and there will be no unnecessary hurdles to jump over.


What Are the next steps? 

Now you know what needs to be included on a good accountancy website and how we can help, give us a call or complete the contact form below and we can arrange a meeting, either by phone or in person.

 During this meeting, the aim is to get to understand your business better and your specific needs. This includes understanding your core services, which ones you want to promote, your competitors and any barriers you are currently experiencing. By doing this, we can ensure that any proposal (which will be provided to you within a week of the meeting) is both unique and personalised to you to ensure your needs are met.

 Once you have accepted this proposal, we will go to work for you creating a draft site. This site will be accessible for you to view during the design stage so you can see the progress being made. We will liaise with you during all the key stages of development so you can signoff that you’re happy and it fits your vision, and only then will we move on to the next stage.

As you can now see, a lot of thought and consideration needs to go into an accounting website design. There are many factors to consider and to know which isn’t easy. Get in touch with us today and we can guide you the right way saving you time and hassle and ensuring your site is as good as it possibly can be.

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Competition on the web is continually increasing so its important to make sure your accounting website is the best it can be.

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