Have you Thought About In-House Training?

In this blog, we will weigh up the benefits of in-house SEO training versus outsourcing to an SEO agency.

Since we are a digital marketing agency, you can be forgiven for assuming that we are coming at this from a biased angle. However, many of the team at Whitefish Marketing have worked both agency side and client side and have experienced first-hand, the benefits from both sides when it comes to the implementation of SEO.

So without further ado, let’s look at the benefits of each, to give you a steer on what is right for your Accountancy business.

The benefits of in-house SEO training


It’s your company. You understand the unique selling points, the brand voice, the peaks and troughs of business, your market share and your competitors. No-one knows your business better than you, which means that any SEO work you do will be executed with first-hand experience of the brand and a highly invested interest in its outcome.

No commitment

Handling SEO in-house brings with it a lower level of commitment both contractually and financially. Aside the outlay of SEO training to your marketing team, SEO can be implemented as and when you have budget and resources.

Granted, a bitty approach may not get you the same level of results as using an agency for monthly retained work, but it does mean you’re not locked into a contract. If you do hire SEO specialists in-house and they do not perform as expected, then ending their contract is easier than that of an SEO agency, which may have a minimum contract term.

The benefits of outsourcing SEO to an external agency


Digital marketing agencies live and breathe their craft. They are experienced marketers with expertise in an array of different marketing disciplines. SEO Consultants are expected to stay abreast of changes in web search and search engine algorithm updates and how to adapt client SEO campaigns to maximise results for their clients.

Since retention of clients is the driving force behind a digital marketing agency, they will do what they can to improve your SEO performance.

Value for money

In terms of comparing the costs of in-house SEO training versus outsourcing to an agency for SEO marketing, it’s difficult to conclude which may be the cheaper option. Whilst the cost of a digital marketing person within your business may be on a par with monthly costs to an agency, you to need to factor in the cost of regular SEO training, for them to stay abreast of SEO developments.

An agency won’t charge you for this training to their staff as they are naturally expected to be at the top of their game as an agency and so the cost of training is an agency cost that isn’t passed on.

Looking at it this way, in-house SEO could prove more-costly. That said, agencies often have tiered pricing for different structured SEO campaigns. What it really comes down to is value for money – ensuring you’re getting the best results for the budget you have.

So to conclude, there really is no right or wrong choice. It comes down to how much control you want, what budget you have and the level of expertise you may or may not have in-house.

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