Basic dos and don’ts of local SEO

Understanding the importance of localised SEO

The importance of local SEO is vital to any business and, as we’ve discussed before,(Read our previous blog posts on Your Local SEO Battle and 4 Reasons to Focus on Local SEO first) there are myriad factors that need to be considered when developing a strategy for conquering local search rankings. But, as is often the case, while there are a number of positive actions that should be taken, there are just as many actions that should be avoided at all costs.

As such, we’ve put together a list of the basic dos and don’ts of local SEO; ensure you follow these guidelines and look forward to successfully ranking high in the search engines.

Local SEO dos

On-page optimisation

 Effective on-page optimisation is the starting point for any local SEO campaign. Ensure you add your contact details, telephone numbers, and regional keywords to the page and, where necessary, to the meta information and header tags.

Create local places pages

Adding your business to the major search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo – is a basic requirement, as too is establishing a presence on such networks as Google My Business.

 Claim correct NAP listings

 Your contact details, or NAP (name/address/phone), can be claimed and assigned by using Google Map Maker.


Making use of your existing customer base through requesting reviews and citations will boost SEO rankings. Encourage the use of reviews on site and through email marketing and social media.


 The importance of social media is well known to all, and building the profile of your business is invaluable to reaching out to local audiences. Establish a social presence and be active for maximum effect.

Local SEO don’ts

 Fake it

 Tempting as it may be to kick-start activity, writing your own reviews or investing in fake ones will ultimately prove harmful to online success.

Spammy content

Relevancy is key to any SEO activity, but avoid filling information copy with too many keywords. Such keyword stuffing will highlight you as spam and negatively impact your search rankings.

Listing irrelevant categories

Trying to capture attention by listing your business under irrelevant categories will cause your website to be flagged and penalised.

Missing contact information

Missing – and even incorrect – contact details on your website not only affects performance of your website in search engines, but negatively impacts user experience.

 Inconsistent NAP information

 Similarly, inconsistent contact details across the web are not only misleading for users, but can hinder search engine performance and damage your online visibility.  Make sure that if you are carrying out citations you follow the correct NAP protocols where available.

Let Whitefish Marketing handle your local SEO needs

To find out more about what you should and shouldn’t be looking to achieve with local SEO, you can contact Whitefish Marketing today. Simply submit an online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options, or call our Folkestone SEO office on 01303 720 288.


Basic dos and don’ts of local SEO
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Basic dos and don’ts of local SEO
Learn the importance of SEO and the do's and dont's to ensure ranking high in the search engines

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