Are Automation Tools Key?

There’s no doubt about it – we live in a fast-paced, modern world where patience is fizzling out, waiting for anything seems like a chore, and automation is key. Manual labour is swiftly being replaced with cutting-edge machinery, tools, and gadgets that get the job done quicker and better – but how is automation affecting the digital world? What tools are beneficial? And when is it better to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself?

Why some automated tools are useful

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no denying that automating repetitive tasks such as emails, social media actions, data analysis and other web-based activities can save time and energy. The right software platforms can improve efficiency, reduce human error, and make important jobs like monthly reporting easier to collate and present in a clear, consistent format – a clear benefit for busy organisations that rely on accuracy and need to get the most out of every work day.

Take WooRank, for instance. This highly-popular tool allows for real-time tracking of numerous websites and provides important information on how to improve website rankings and online visibility through SEO, social media, usability and more. It’s also possible to download reviews as branded PDFs making it easier than ever to present progress to colleagues and clients.Thanks to the competitive analysis functionality of WooRank, meanwhile, you can also adapt your keyword strategy in order to rank higher than other businesses in your sector.

Other clever digital marketing tools include Open Site Explorer, a helpful backlink analysis platform which enables you to not only research backlinks but explore backlink opportunities and discover links that could potentially be having a negative impact on your website’s performance. Website speed test software such as Pingdom also makes it possible to analyse the load speed of websites, find bottlenecks, and learn how to resolve any outstanding issues in a simple yet effective way. This particular tool examines every part of a website including file sizes, HTML, and CSS files offering a performance overview and performance tips.

Why manual involvement will always be required

Digital marketing tools are beneficial in that they can provide detailed information in an instant without the need to hire specialist employees. That said, devising a digital marketing strategy that centres around automated tools alone is not advisable as some level of manual involvement is certainly required – for now, at least.

When it comes to link building and placing content on reputable websites in order to improve your natural search rankings, for instance, forming a relationship with a blogger is key. Spamming those who could potentially give you a link with generic emails is not the best way to network, so it’s usually better to engage in a more personal form of interaction. Earning a client’s trust and developing long-lasting relationships takes time and effort and shouldn’t be replaced by automation.

What’s more, automated tools are designed to enhance your existing marketing strategy, not dominate it altogether. If you don’t understand the results being offered by all these various platforms – and don’t know how to act on the information provided – your marketing strategies will no doubt fail.

Don’t rely blindly on tools – Google prefers natural efforts

With so many different automation tools at our fingertips, it can be tempting to sit back and relax while technology experts and top-of-the-range software programs do the work for you – but it really doesn’t work like that when it comes to Google SEO. This giant of the digital world knows all the tricks in the book and, as a result, prefers natural efforts with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines advising against hacks such as automating generated content.

Unoriginal, duplicated content that’s written for search engines and not for humans, for example, is frowned upon by Google and should be avoided at all costs. Good old-fashioned blogging and manual content updates are much more beneficial and will help your site rank higher than if you simply regenerate a blog post 500 times changing just one keyword – in fact, you could get penalised for this and shoved down the rankings. Google also advises against sending automated queries to head offices and to address them on a more personal level, again showing how direct communication is often a winner.

In conclusion, while there’s certainly a place for automation within the digital world, it should be used with caution and only to enhance well-implemented and understood marketing strategies. It will not replace manual labour in the foreseeable future, but can be used to make certain repetitive tasks easier, so long as a loyal customer base has already been established and the sent content will not simply be viewed as spam.

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