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Michael is the Managing Director for a professional copywriting agency - Minerva Copywriting. In his free time he also enjoys Skittles and Batman!

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2015 New Year’s Marketing Resolution 5: Competition time

Our final resolution looks at competition, comparing how their starting and how you are in 2015.

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Money Tree

2015 New Year’s Marketing Resolution 4: It’s all about money, money

Number 4 of your New Years Resolution looks at budget allocation and whether you got the most return on investment in 2014 plus where they are needed in 2015.

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11th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Upsell and Cross Sell

Remember to upsell and cross-sell during this festive season. Additional services such as gift wrapping, speedy delivery, and loyalty points will all help bring in more revenue both now and in the future.

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10th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Think Socially

Consider utilising social media marketing to encourage present idea sharing. The perfect way to spread the word at Christmas.

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Christmas day6 returns policy

6th Day of Pre Christmas Marketing Display your returns policy

Returns are a likely activity after the festive season. But outlining them clearly now, will help increase your online sales.

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Christmas day5 landing pages

5th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Build Key Product Pages

Day 5 of our Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips looks at building bespoke product pages for your key items, which will help convert more customers.

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Christmas day2 email marketing

2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Email Campaigns

Our second topic for our "12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing" looks at the cost effective method of increasing retention sales, through the use of email marketing to your existing customer base.

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content marketing infographic

Content Marketing Infographic

Some interesting stats on Content Marketing for 2014. Check out our infographic here.

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