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Justin Wilson

About Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson is a Digital Marketing Manager with a passion for helping businesses to develop their digital proposition. He has an expertise across the spectrum of digital, including search engine marketing, social media, website optimisation, email marketing and web analytics.

Web Design Pop Up

Common costly web design mistakes

Creating a website? Avoid these common mistake. Struggling to develop your online business contact Whitefish Marketing today.

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Using Automated Tools

What automated tools can do my digital marketing for me?

Can i let Automated tools do my marketing for me? Take a look at this blog. To get the best out of your marketing contact Whitefish Marketing

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Do Multiple Menus Hurt SEO?

Is having more than one menu beneficial or damaging to your SEO. This guide shows you the balance.

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Brush up on your social media etiquette

The unspoken rules of social media etiquette and how to not over step the mark.

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Beginners’ Guide to Display Advertising

A guide on display advertising opportunities.

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The golden rules of hashtags

How to use hashtags on social media. A simple guide to increase your audience.

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Reach for the sky: boosting Facebook visibility

Advice on how to extent your visibility without spending loads of money.

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How to maximise your chances of conversion on contact forms

Top tips on getting your contact forms right!

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