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Chris Surridge

About Chris Surridge

Chris Surridge is an experienced Digital Marketing Director with a wealth of knowledge on Search Marketing Strategies and Conversion Analysis. His value is in strategic planning for client accounts, and his consultative services.

public relations

Why real public relations is worth its salt

Looking at why real public relations can be beneficial to many aspects of your business.

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Small Business

Digital marketing tips for small businesses

Tips on how to get the digital marketing ball rolling

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The value and necessity of SEO

Learn the importance of SEO as it continue to evolve making it harder to stay ahead of the competition.

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Do's and dont's

Basic dos and don’ts of local SEO

Learn the importance of SEO and the do's and dont's to ensure ranking high in the search engines

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SEO marketing

10 basic principles of SEO online marketing

SEO is more important than ever, these 10 basic principles could help with your success online

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SEO content

Why your SEOs shouldn’t be writing content

Understanding why SEO's should not be writing content

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Retention and Acquisition

Customer Acquisition vs Retention – which is more important?

Learn about the how useful Acquisition and Retention Marketing is and how it can be beneficial to your business

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How to get people reading your blog posts

Tips on how to make eye catching blogs and in turn increase your readers

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