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Chris Surridge

About Chris Surridge

Chris Surridge is an experienced Digital Marketing Director with a wealth of knowledge on Search Marketing Strategies and Conversion Analysis. His value is in strategic planning for client accounts, and his consultative services.

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Ask the expert Event Whitefish

Whitefish Marketing advising at “Ask The Expert” event

Whitefish Marketing attends 'Ask The Expert' event, held at Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone hosted by Enterprise First.

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choosing the best web design for your accounting firm

Best Designs for Accountancy Website

Competition on the web is continually increasing so its important to make sure your accounting website is the best it can be.

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increasing user experience and conversions

10 Things to Be Included on Your Accountancy Firm’s Website

Here are a few important elements to consider when designing your accountancy website to get the best user experience.

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Whitefish attend Pent Valley School Folkestone

Whitefish Marketing attend local Folkestone School’s Careers Fair

Whitefish Marketing attend Pent Valleys Career Fair to inspire students about a digital marketing career.

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Turning traffic into customers

How to Increase Enquiry Conversions on Your Accounting Firm’s Website

Increasing enquires on your accountancy's firm website so that you are converting the traffic into customers.

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The importance of your accounting website

Which Accountancy Website Template Will Help Me Best?

Outlining the problems for accountants considering using a standardised template for your website rather than a bespoke template that could increase traffic

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infographic are good for SEO

Why infographics are good for SEO

How infographics can boost your SEO Performance and help you engage communicate better with customers.

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On page seo factors by Whitefish

12 on-page SEO factors search engines love

Concentrating on those on-page SEO factors which seldom change can add value in search engines.

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