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About Charli Carlton

Charli is head of content at Minerva Copywriting. When not producing great copy, she can usually be found daydreaming about exotic holiday destinations or in the pub with her mates.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

What the new Google update means to your business

Responsive Web Design - Making sure your website is mobile friendly in accordance with Google's new update.

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Yearly Trends

2015 New Year’s Marketing Resolution 2: The critic’s review

Advice on reviewing your trends from previous years

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Christmas day7 shipping costs

7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing – display your delivery details

Don't hide your delivery costs. Managing customer expectations regarding delivery during this festive season will be what separates you from others.

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Christmas day3 google analytics

3rd Day of Pre-Christmas – using Google Analytics

Knowing which of your products bring in the bulk of your profit is vital to commercial success. With the use of Google Analytics you can identify your key items and market accordingly.

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google map markers for small businesses

4 reasons to focus on local SEO first

Learn to crawl before you learn to walk. Small businesses are often blinded on how to reach customers on the other side of the world, that they forget to focus locally for immediate wins.

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Video-sharing websites

How to use effective video marketing

How to use video effectively as another string to your marketing bow. Understand the elements and the make-up of what makes a good video, and why people will view then share it, is half the battle.

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Lead generation banner image

New client sees highest performance figures with help from Whitefish Marketing

Whitefish Marketing help a new client build a bespoke lead generation system that helped boost their enquiry leads to new heights.

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