Producing insightful, engaging content is part and parcel of a great marketing strategy. You might be the one who’s doing it – along with keeping the books, bringing in business and acting as HR manager – or you may have a crack team of writers, designers and developers who come up with ideas and execute only the very best day in, day out. Either way, for the size and scale of your business, you’ll be working very hard to produce content that is worth reading and sharing.

That’s a great start, but it’s only part of the equation: you have to then make sure people are seeing that content, trusting it and coming to have a nose on your website as a result. Which means making it stand out above all the other content-based white noise that your demographic is targeted with. Arguably the harder part. So how do you amplify your content and ensure that people are choosing to look at it instead of at someone else’s?

Know your channels

Well, there are lots of ways to shout about your content, but one of the key avenues to explore is social media. The first thing to bear in mind is that different social channels appeal to different sections of your market, and that they are only relevant for certain types of content. You wouldn’t, for example, share a promotional video that’s designed to elicit some sort of emotion on LinkedIn, although YouTube and Facebook would be perfect for that kind of content. So rather than spamming all your channels with the same stuff, consider which people you want to reach during the planning phase of your content creation, and focus on those channels for the promotion.

Timing is everything

Timing is a big factor in content sharing, so it’s worth investigating when your audience is using the particular channel that you’ll be posting to. Are your users daytime Facebookers or evening Tweeters? There are tools out there to enable you to see when your followers are online, so naturally it makes sense to post at times that see the most activity.

Once is never enough

You may think that once your post is out there it doesn’t need to be posted again, that people will find it if they want to. The sad truth for every marketer is that people don’t really go looking for branded content – you need your efforts to be visible in their feeds throughout the day, or over several days, for it to be seen. Use tools such as Hootsuite to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts throughout the day, and even over the next few weeks. That doesn’t mean you have to post exactly the same thing each time you mention it – try to be creative and experiment with headlines, hooks and imagery to grab your audience’s attention and make them click the link.

Don’t be ashamed to pay

Whilst it’s not a good idea to promote every single post you make – people will get annoyed and unfollow if you force your way into their space – it’s worth choosing some of the better piece of content to promote with Facebook ads or, to a lesser extent, promoted tweets. With Twitter, getting an influential person in your field to retweet your content tends to have as good, if not a better, effect than outrightly promoting. But with Facebook, the promoted post has worked well and gives really great pieces a little extra boost, which in some cases will result in your brand cementing itself on users’ radars so that they return to your site when they need the product you sell.

Before you start promoting your posts to everyone on Facebook, however, take a look at the types of people that might be interested in what you have to say. Not only will that increase the chance of quality click-throughs, it will also ensure you don’t end up spending a fortune on people who won’t return to your social page or site.

Start talking

Instead of simply posting something on a social channel and hoping for the best, try to initiate a discussion around it. This approach works best on channels such as Google Plus and Facebook, where others can comment, speculate and disagree. The more people join in, the more your reach for a particular post will grow. We’re not saying you should post something horribly controversial or offensive, but clever content that causes debate is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

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Amplify your content through social media
Article Name
Amplify your content through social media
How to manage your content within the world of social media

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