Some Tips on How to Market your Accountancy Services Online

No matter how professional your website is to potential clients, you need to make sure you are adequately marketing your accountancy services, if you want leads.

If there’s budget, appointing a Digital Marketing Agency is a great way of taking care of this, leaving you free to go about your business.

But, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure you are adequately marketing your accountancy services on your site in the most effective manner.

Why are we sharing?

Web-marketing is not a mystery. It’s not a practice reserved only for internet gurus. But it is a time-consuming activity that requires a consistent effort.

As accountancy marketing specialists, we are as adept at taking a consultative approach to accounting businesses as we are doing the monkey-work.

In the same way you might give financial advice and tips on money matters, we like to give our marketing tips for accountancy firms, to help them to strengthen their online presence.

Here’s how to effectively market your accountancy services online.

Step 1: Create a separate page for each accountancy service

Heard of SEO (search engine optimisation)? At its very basic, SEO involves targeting a page with a keyword that users may search. The more keywords associated with a single page, the more diluted the page content will be, meaning weaker keyword optimisation.

Weaker optimisation means less chance of ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Avoid bundling your services on one page and split them out cleaning, for example:

…and so on.

By individually targeting the keywords “vat returns”, “tax advice” and “payroll”, you are strengthening the weight of your pages.

Don’t forget to populate the metadata though, to tell Google what each page is about!

Step 2: Add a location to your services

Generic keywords such as “tax advice” etc. carry a large search volumes and ranking well for these terms is rather competitive. By adding a location in the keyword, you are essentially filtering this down to a niche set of users looking for accountancy services in a specific area. Not only is this less competitive, meaning a better chance of ranking well, the users are more targeted.

Consider where your key location is for your business, i.e. London, Kent or South East and include this with your keyword, e.g.

“tax advice London”


“tax advice Kent”


“tax advice South East”

Step 3: Link your services to other key accountancy services you offer

The web is called the web for a very good reason. Good information sources are tightly woven together with other, similar sources to literally trap you in a web of informative material. Ultimately this gives the best user experience (UX) to a person searching for information.
Let’s look at it this way. A user visits your site, finds a service, but is then restricted in location answers to questions they have along the way about your service description. They are likely to get frustrated and exit your site without engaging.

Users look for instant gratification and are fickle when it comes to website loyalty. Unless they know your brand or you have been recommended.

We recommend linking your service content with related sources of information, both internally (on your site) and externally (other people’s sites). For example, if you reference the latest budget in your tax advice page, put in a link to the budget information on the Government website. Likewise, if you reference a similar service on that page, link to it.

Do allow the user to research whilst they are on the user-journey, rather than as a fresh enquiry on Google.

Don’t expect the user to just stumble across it.

Keeping the flow of the user journey going and satisfying user need with information to chew on along the way, is an effective way of demonstrating good content value to the user. It’s also hugely helpful to Google rankings. Just so you know!

So there you are, some top tips on marketing your accountancy services in the most effective way. We hope you found them useful.

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