Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy

Business success comes down to a lot of things – the right strategy, funding, pace and perseverance to name a few. But a key factor is embracing your expertise. So how can you make this work with accountancy marketing?

For an accountancy firm, that means offering top class accounting services to businesses and individuals and getting the edge over your industry competitors.

Accounting Web believe there are 10 traits that accountants possess to define their expertise. These include organisation, time management, attention to detail, client focus, creativity, commitment to the sector, trustworthiness, communication, collaboration and flexibility. Pretty accurate we think.

For a marketing company, traits that set apart great marketing agencies from good marketing agencies include level of digital knowledge, understanding data, production of content, design, customer insight, business acumen, passion and enthusiasm.

Combining expertise for a sound accountancy marketing strategy

Everyone is an expert in something. And whilst business success does rely heavily on everyone playing to their expertise in a combined effort to meet a common goal, businesses do not always possess all the relevant expertise in-house.

Business partnerships provide a way to combine expertise, for a more successful outcome. Which is why accountancy firms and marketing agencies work well together. Whilst both have a statistical understanding of business, marketing agencies provide creative solutions to complement the practical nature of an accountancy business.

Accounting firms do not always invest inaccountancy marketing

Following the recession last decade, many accountancy firms froze their marketing budgets to streamline their costs. After all, accountancy firms are meant to practice what the preach and tighten their belts to survive the economic peaks and troughs. This is understandable.

But cutting marketing budgets has left accountancy firms struggling to stand out against their competitors.

Withaccountancy advice becoming more prevalent, surrounding Brexit, it’s important for your accountancy firm to get noticed.

For some accountancy firms, winning new business is not a priority, favouring the cultivation of existing client relationships. For others, other lead generation models, such as referrals are favoured.

Some firms simply don’t how understand how effective a tool digital marketing can be for their business. This has raised the question, ‘is this a good or a bad thing?’, given that accountants are dishing out advice on business growth. Something to think about.

Taking a proactive approach

Whilst keeping costs low is important, hard times arguably need to be hit with a more aggressive approach. The Telegraph reported that, rather than cutting sales staff and marketing budgets, accounting firms should be doing the opposite; fighting fire with fire.

Times may be tough for accountancy firms, but so too are they with businesses across a multitude of industries. With the economy facing uncertainty following Brexit, accountancy advice is more sought after than ever. Question is, can you leverage your expertise to get a slice of the pie?

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