8th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips Manage Delivery Expectations

8th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Manage Expectations re. Delivery Times

We’ve already written about how providing your customers with details of the delivery costs and any discounts or savings that can be made can help drive sales and boost revenue, and touched on the subject of how delivery times can also have a positive impact. Today we take a closer look at how flexible delivery times and suitable marketing messages can help improve your sales over the Christmas period.

Go the extra mile

For any retail company, customer service plays as big a role in generating sales as pricing. As such, you should look to accommodate the needs of those investing in your products in any way possible. This rule applies more than ever when it comes to Christmas. From providing competitive pricing to a range of discounts, there is much you can do to attract customers old and new.

One of these means is to be able to guarantee quick delivery of products bought online. It’s not uncommon for even the most prudent shopper to overlook an important gift in the run up to Christmas, meaning a last-minute rush to find the perfect present is a time of fraught nerves and looking out for delivery vans. Being able to assure customers that their last-minute gift will arrive in due time will, of course, endear you to your customers, and will likely boost the number of sales you make in the final few days before the festive break.

Clearly state cut-off dates

However, the good will from your customers will only be duly delivered if you’re open and honest about the chance of successful delivery of their purchase. As such, you should take the opportunity to communicate the last viable purchase date for assured delivery. This communication can take the form of a homepage banner, a ‘last chance to buy before Christmas’ email, or even a clearly visible notice on the product page. Not only will this mitigate against any future conflicts with customers claiming late delivery over the Christmas break, it will also incentivise customers to make their purchase quickly, and even perhaps choose to buy more from your online shop if they’re safe in the knowledge that you have the ability to deliver.

Deliver on your promises

Doing all you can to help customers receive their purchases in time for Christmas will go a long way to establishing a lasting relationship. Being seen as reliable and capable in the eyes of your customers will also prove invaluable to your reputation, drive more sales, and increase revenue.

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8th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Manage Delivery Expectations
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8th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Manage Delivery Expectations
Managing customer expectations regarding correct delivery times will be essential for last minute Christmas shoppers

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