7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing – display your delivery details

7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Don’t hide your delivery costs

Internet shopping has made Christmas far more affordable for us all… hasn’t it? Finding presents online for a fraction of the cost as on the high street has not only broadened the array of options open to consumers, but has meant that securing exceptional value for money is all but guaranteed. That is if you ignore those purchases featuring expensive delivery costs. Internet shoppers are particularly savvy at getting the best deal, using price comparison websites and the ability to conduct searches effortlessly to find the cheapest price available. Often, purchase prices vary only marginally; but delivery charges can make all the difference.

As such, being able to be competitive in your chosen market is no longer enough – you need to be able to get products to your customers for next to nothing. And, when it comes to the festive period, those retailers offering the best rates will secure the most business, with people looking to be able to take advantage of discounted – or even free – delivery rates.

Promote your delivery discounts

It remains truer than ever that the word ‘free’ makes consumers sit up and take notice. If you’re able to provide free delivery on the products you sell, you will already be ahead of your competitors. Best of all, you don’t even need to offer free delivery on all sales, but simply those over a certain threshold. If you’re able to incentivise customers to purchase more in order to save on incurring delivery costs, you could well see your revenue increase. Clever use of product positioning plays a vital role in upselling, and intelligent placement of the free delivery terms message will register in the mind of your customers.

Manage expectations for delivery times

You may also be able to capitalise on offering delivery times that surpass those of your competitors and, as such, will appeal to those customers that want products without having to wait. It may be the case that you are able to provide next-day delivery; for customers that have left it late to secure the presents they need for friends and family, such a delivery guarantee is invaluable. Promote the fact you can deliver goods expediently and hopefully you’ll see orders for last-minute purchases grow.

Clearly promoting and detailing the delivery costs and savings to be made, as well as the times available, will help you secure additional sales on your website. Remember that using the correct language and placement on your site is invaluable, so take advantage of split testing and conversion rate optimisation techniques to enhance the potential of your sales.

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7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - display your delivery details
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7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - display your delivery details
Don't hide your delivery costs. Managing customer expectations regarding delivery during this festive season will be what separates you from others.

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