5th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Build Key Product Pages

5th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing – Design Key Product Pages

Implement bespoke pages for your key products

Any product that generates revenue for your company deserves your attention; when it comes to those that are particularly notable, the need to afford it the care it deserves is accentuated significantly. What’s more, with Christmas the season to run regular promotions to capture the attention of an interested audience, focusing on your key products and their promotion during the festive period cannot be overstated.

One of the best ways to ensure that the right amount of traffic is pointed to a particular product page is by creating bespoke pages that demonstrate the key virtues of a product as well as making it easy to buy.  Analysing your Ecommerce data you will have accrued throughout the year, and focusing on the customer experience means you will be able to enhance the performance of your key product pages.

example of key product page on ecommerce site

Build the key product page to convert

It’s important that any bespoke page you develop for a product retains all the key requirements necessary for conversion. A clear price and a call-to-action are among the most fundamental features that needs to jump off the page; make it easy for your website visitors to understand precisely what they are to do when landing on a page, and you make it easy to convert speculators into confirmed sales.

In addition, striking imagery and easily digestible information will make it simple for users to determine the key attributes. At a time of year when last-minute rushes are common, try not to weigh users down with unnecessary information. Identify the key selling points and play to their strengths.

Promote, promote, promote

Of course, putting all the hard work into developing the perfect product page is futile if you fail to deliver the necessary traffic to the page. That’s why you should aim to leverage the promotional channels you have available to raise interest. Send out an email campaign to existing customers, target social media users that may have visited your site in the past with the Facebook retargeting pixel, place a clear headline banner advert on your main landing pages, or run paid promotions to support the work you’ve done in creating the perfectly optimised page for your key product.

Successful marketing and promotion is never easy and, with many companies battling for attention over the Christmas period, standing out will be harder than ever. Make sure that you go the extra mile in serving potential customers with a product page that is engaging and informative, and spend your marketing budget wisely to attract quality traffic to land on your site. You may well see your sales spike and your conversion rate leap to unprecedented highs.

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5th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips:  Build Key Product Pages
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5th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips: Build Key Product Pages
Day 5 of our Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips looks at building bespoke product pages for your key items, which will help convert more customers.

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