How to secure more clients for your Accountancy firm

Competition in the accountancy industry has never been greater, with potential clients able to source the best, most affordable options with a few clicks of a mouse. So, how are you to secure new clients in such an environment? And how can you stay ahead of the competition when potential users seek solutions?

The secret to securing new business in the accountancy sector is the same as it is for any industry: effective marketing. Gone are the days when a humble listing in local classifieds and an entry in the Yellow Pages could help customers find your business. You need to be online and dominating the search listings in order to be found. This means that investing in the expertise of marketing professionals is key to generating new business of your own, and carrying out the basics effectively is essential.


A reticence to change is not uncommon, regardless of the business sector. The accountancy industry has long been receptive to embracing solutions that make their working life more efficient, more cost-effective, and more profitable. With the sophistication of accountancy software and day-to-day practices at unprecedented highs, it makes sense to ensure every facet of your firm is equally as efficient.

When it comes to marketing your business, this is when embracing change is required. By following these five simple tips, you can anticipate a growth of your customer base, and an increase in new business, which will prove key to the overall success of your company.

1: Identity

Before looking to tackle the competition in the marketplace, it’s important to know precisely who you are and what you offer. Branding plays a vital role in the success of any organisation, and being able to clearly identify what’s unique and special about your company is what will set you apart from others.

Of course, branding is about far more than the creation of a logo, company name, and website. You should aim to live the values you establish for your business, and each part of your company ethos should filter down into the smallest detail involved in the day-to-day operations.

Spend the time establishing clear goals for your accountancy firm, where you wish to head, and precisely what you plan to offer. Supposing you specialise in tax accountants or corporate finance; be sure to focus your attentions on developing your brand around the key markets and principles of these tasks. By setting yourself a clear target, you can hone your brand to suit the necessary audience, and help you stand out among a crowd when sourcing new business.

2: Optimise your market presence

 Once you’ve identified your position in the marketplace and have a target audience in mind, you should next look to optimise your position within the industry. This is far from quick and far from straightforward. In an era where potential clients can source information and answers simply by entering a search term into Google, ensuring that you’re in a position to appear before your audience can make or break your business.

As such, you need to focus on where and when your target market will turn their attention. As a starting point, it’s important for you to establish your accountancy firm with the following assets:

  • A fully optimised and responsive website that details the virtues of your business, it’s offering, and why it should be the first choice among clients
  • A social media presence. This is not simply to posts updates from your business, but an area in which to liaise and communicate with existing and new audiences
  • An email client. By having access to company specific email, and preferably a preset selection of email templates that promote your business, you can begin outreach to potential clients efficiently and effectively
  • Business directories, online and off. Specifically, you should focus on accountancy specific business listings and those in the local area. Appearing high in search engine local listings is important to establishing a network of clients within the vicinity of your business

Setting up these assets is far from straightforward, but represents a starting point from which to launch an approach into successful business. By investing in the necessary features, you can rest assured that, once it’s time to be found, you have the requisite information ready to be provided to potential clients.

3: Get noticed

 A word that has become commonplace in marketing – and particularly in the digital environment – is authority. Clients need reassurance that they’re working with professional businesses that are leaders in their field, so being able to create the authority you need to stand head and shoulders above the competition is essential.

This is, of course, easier said than done. Hard work is once again required, with the marketing, advertising, and public relations teams working together to ensure that you are the de facto choice for accountancy clients. In order to achieve such an elevated position – and achieve the industry authority that is all-important – you have to work hard to offer something more than others and which gets you noticed.

One of the key features for establishing authority comes from the creation of valuable content. This may once have been considered the simple generation of copy to host in magazine articles and on websites, but times have changed.

Authoritative industry commentary, social interactions, videos, infographics, hosted seminars and presentations, ebooks, practical working guides, textbooks, workshops, and much more all count towards the content marketing necessary to get you noticed. If you dedicate resources to the creation of exceptional content on a regular basis, you will quickly become noticed among the target audience, and will become the number one choice to turn to when issues arise.

4: Listen and react

 It’s all-too easy for any business in any industry to become centred solely on its own work. But something that has proven invaluable to the successful development of client networks is being able to listen and resolve issues faced by others. We’ve looked already at establishing yourself as an industry authority and the go-to company of choice for others, but it pays to keep focused on what others are doing.

Supposed, for example, that the latest changes in tax legislation have come into effect. Such a change may be fully understood by you and your employees, but to the layman, approaching changes to tax can prove daunting. Developing marketing material, hosting practical workshops, or even taking to social media to answer questions and clarify changes will prove invaluable to others. The result? Potential customers value the service and information provided, and will return to you for paid services in the future.

Similarly, listening to your audience can help refine the offering you make to others. Should a client take to social media and website forums to complain about a service, this is your opportunity to be proactive in addressing the issues. By showing humility and awareness of the needs of others, you are humanising the service provided by what many may consider a faceless corporation. Little touches have a big effect, and the generation of new business following the reaction to others’ problems can go a long way.

5: Keep going

 It’s all well and good saying that establishing yourself as an industry authority requires the simple creation of valuable assets and upholding exceptional customer service. Actually getting around to putting in the hours, investing in the resources, and disseminating the information is exceptionally hard work. One lesson that should be taken away from any business approach is to keep persevering.

No business became an overnight success. Reaching out to new audiences is demanding and takes time. But by sticking to the principles established during your branding phase, and being dedicated to offering the utmost quality and best commentary in the industry, the perseverance you show will pay dividends. Keep working hard to maintain and grow your presence online and within your market sector, and you can anticipate the steady development of your client base in the months and years to come.

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5 Simple Tips for Accountants to Secure New Clients
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5 Simple Tips for Accountants to Secure New Clients
Tips on how to secure new clients in the accountancy sector

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