Pay Per Click advertising has long been a staple of online marketing, not least because of its flexibility when it comes to targeting. By choosing specific search terms for which your ads can appear, it’s possible to narrow down your market to those who are actively looking for the product or service that you provide.

But PPC advertisings isn’t without its pitfalls; there are several common mistakes that may mean the difference between a successful campaign and a mediocre one. Here are the main ones to avoid.

PPC Mistake 1: Not monitoring your campaign

The key to PPC is to monitor your campaigns frequently and tweak them where necessary to optimise results. Rather than putting aside an hour once a fortnight, aim to spend 10-20 minutes each morning checking results, making adjustments and trialling new terms or ads. This allows you to determine which keywords and adverts are performing the best, and keep expensive terms in check.

PPC Mistake 2: Ignoring keyword match types

The match type of a keyword can have a significant effect on the success and cost of a campaign. Be sure to use a range of terms that incorporate broad, phrase and exact matches to ensure you’ve covered relevant words and phrases. There will often be a difference in price between each match type, so bear this in mind if you have a limited budget. In addition to the keywords you wish to be found for, employ negative keywords for the terms you’d like to avoid. If you are a sports massage therapist, for example, you may want to add ‘Swedish’ and ‘Indian head’ terms to your negative list.

PPC Mistake 3: Forgetting the landing page

Just as important as your ad copy is the landing page to which the advert is directed. Without a compelling landing page, your efforts to optimise your campaigns will be wasted. Google Adwords makes assessments of your landing pages and will give ads that have a high quality score (i.e. relevant ad text and a quality landing page) more exposure than those with a low one. A lousy landing page not only means Google won’t show your ads as often, it also reduces the chance of conversion once a customer is on your site.

PPC Mistake 4: Dull ad copy

As with your landing page, you ad copy needs to be relevant and enticing in order to get people’s attention. You only have a set amount of characters in which to do this, so ensure the key points come across, as well as a call to action. Have several versions of an ad running so that you can monitor which performs best, and optimise them little by little.

PPC Mistake 5: Not benchmarking and measuring

Before you get started on PPC, it’s essential to benchmark the key metrics of your site: traffic, conversions, bounce rate and so forth. This gives you a starting point from which to measure the success of your PPC. When the campaigns are up and running, ensure you make monthly reports on the overall performance of the website as well as the campaigns themselves. This can be done by linking your Adwords account with your Google Analytics, and will offer some vital insight into what is proving successful and where improvements can be made.

Task a PPC Agency

PPC can be quite a time consuming process and in some instances if you forget key settings it could be disastrous for your budget consumption.  Why not let Whitefish Marketing handle your PPC requirements.  As a specialist digital marketing agency, we offer Pay-Per-Click services to all our clients, as one of the best ways for immediate growth and exposure.  Contact us on 01303 720 288 or why not arrange a visit to our Folkestone office for a more in-depth explanation of PPC.   

5 PPC mistakes you don’t want to make
Article Name
5 PPC mistakes you don’t want to make
Tips on avoiding the common PPC mistakes

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