4th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing – Improve your onsite Conversion

Is your website converting well?

As any digital professional will know, driving traffic to your website is just part of the battle. Once you have users on your site, turning them from speculators to purchasers is a whole new task and, for retailers in particular, optimising conversion is fundamental to the success of your online presence. With Christmas one of the busiest times of the year for any retail business, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your conversion rate is at its best.


Better traffic, better conversion

One of the main factors behind effective conversion comes from having the right target audience. It would be naïve to expect non-relevant traffic to invest in your product if they simply stumbled onto your site. A starting point for your conversion rate optimisation strategy, therefore, should be identifying where your traffic originated, the referral paths, and keywords. If you find you’re generating significant volume around terms that are largely irrelevant to your business, you should look to revise the content on your website to ensure it attracts the right people at the right stage of the buying cycle.

Customer Buying Cycle 

Make use of data to analyse your conversion rates

The data available from such tools at Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Optimizely have been devised to help you identify the paths taken by your website uses, their habits, and where improvements can be made. By focusing on the information gathered via these channels, you can obtain insight into how they behave on your site, identifying which pages they visit, which are the best performing, which feature the highest bounce rate, and which generate the most revenue.

In addition, even greater insight can be obtained through setting goal conversions and ecommerce tracking within Google Analytics. Not only will you be able to track conversions, but identifying the products that are best performing means you will be able to determine why they are successful in comparison to the rest. You can then focus your marketing activity on pushing those products.

Split testing for conversion optimisation

Split test your pages

One of the greatest means of increasing conversion rate – and ultimately, revenue – comes from carrying out extensive split testing on your pages. Revise certain elements of your page design – call-to-actions, size of font, telephone number placement, etc. – and run the variations over a period of time. By running a number of split test variations on your product pages, you will be able to refine the layout and efficacy of your marketing activity, and boost the conversion rate online.

Customer Usability

As part of your split testing and conversion rate optimisation, you should aim to take advantage of heat and click maps to determine the areas of a page that generate the most attention, and see whether these areas represent the journey paths you wish users to follow. This revision of the usability will prove invaluable to the success of your website and the success of your business.

Of course, conversion rate optimisation is a multifaceted discipline that demands significant investment in time and resources to deliver the very best results. Analysis and testing are the breeding grounds for success, so take the first steps to optimising your website and you could soon experience a significant growth in conversion.  Talk to us at Whitefish Marketing to see the experience we have in Conversion Rate Optimisation, and how we can help improve overall sales for your business.

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4th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - analysing your conversion rates
Article Name
4th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - analysing your conversion rates
Bringing people to your site is not enough. During the build up to Christmas, retailers need to analyse their conversion points to ensure they turn speculators into purchasers.

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