3rd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing: Identify your key products in Google Analytics


Use Google Analytics to identify your bestsellers

Google Analytics represents one of the most important tools to any digital marketer, providing insight into the behaviour of web users, the efficacy of content, and the overall success of your web presence. As such, making the most of your Google Analytics account to identify those products within your catalogue that are best performing will enable you to discern precisely where you can capitalise on festive promotions.

Setting up ecommerce tracking

Assuming you already use Google Analytics – and if not, you should be! – setting up ecommerce tracking is effortless and will prove wholly rewarding. Simply access the Admin area of your Analytics account and enable ecommerce tracking, implementing the code within your ecommerce website. All the hard work will already be done on your behalf and, assuming you have correctly assigned the product data (prices, SKU codes, etc.), your tracking should begin in earnest.

Interpreting the data in Google Analytics

With ecommerce tracking active in your account, you will be able to take advantage of access to information that will help guide your sales process. Through the Google Analytics dashboard, you can examine sales revenue from particular products, the number of transactions taking place, and even the geographic location of the sales. With this data to hand, you will be able to tailor your marketing messages over the festive season according to trends.

Tailoring your marketing message

As identified, having possession of sales data and customer information will prove vital to your ecommerce success over the Christmas period. For example, you may find that the highest-grossing products in your inventory are also those with the lowest amount of transactions; why not boost engagement with the product through a targeted email campaign and paid advertising?

Alternatively, you may have excess stock of a particularly niche product that is ideal for the Christmas season. Analyse the customer engagement and website journey through your Google Analytics account, and use the information to plot a path that will help drive sales and meet the requirements of your website users. 

Use ecommerce data to drive sales

Christmas is the perfect time to target your customers with promotions they need to get everything they need throughout the season. Of course, being armed with market intelligence and behavioural data gives you the opportunity to hone your marketing strategy and know which are your bestselling and most popular products. Being able to furnish a structured plan to reach a greater audience couldn’t be simpler.

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3rd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing: Identify your key products in Google Analytics
Article Name
3rd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing: Identify your key products in Google Analytics
Knowing which of your products bring in the bulk of your profit is vital to commercial success. With the use of Google Analytics you can identify your key items and market accordingly.

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