2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing – Utilise Email Marketing

In our second instalment of Pre-Christmas Marketing tips, we take a look at a truly cost effective form of marketing.  It’s often easier and cheaper to market to an existing customer base, than attract new audiences, so Email Marketing campaigns are a great at this time of year to re-initiate sales with previous customers.

Email Marketing is cost effective

Christmas is your opportunity to capitalise on an attentive audience, with each consumer looking to secure a festive bargain, last-minute gifts, or a New Year treat. As such, this is the time for your business to shine and stand apart from the competition, so devising an effective marketing strategy will help deliver exceptional returns and make it a Christmas to remember for you and your company.

For many retail businesses in particular, Christmas represents the culmination of a year’s hard work collecting the necessary customer data to drive sales and conversions. Data is all-important for any business, and the humble email address represents one of the simplest forms of opening up a line of communication to your customer base. So, after a year of collating this information, why not create a schedule of four festive marketing emails to capture the minds – and custom – of your existing customers?

Why four emails?

When it comes to email marketing, timing is everything. Combined with sending the right message at the right time, you can turn previously unengaged customers into hard leads, with the festive nature of your email campaign triggering a positive response.

Email Campaign 1: Early December

Christmas Tree

We all know that feeling of Christmas sneaking up on us unawares. As such, there is a huge number of people that will yet to have started their Christmas shopping, and just as many completely in the dark over what to buy friends and relatives. By sending your email at the beginning of December, you are able to raise the profile of the products you’re looking to push. Early December isn’t too late for the ill-prepared, nor is it too early for Christmas cynics, so use the time wisely to craft the perfect message.

Email Campaign 2: One week before Christmas

 If Christmas films have taught us anything, it’s that leaving the buying of important gifts to the last-minute is a recipe for disaster. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t still do it. Sending a reminder email in the days before Christmas can trigger a late dash for presents, particularly if you’re products are to be mailed. The latest mailing date for Christmas 2014 with Royal Mail is currently Tuesday, December 23 for Special Delivery, so giving your customers last-minute warnings can prompt them into action. After all, there’s nothing like fear to trigger a response.

Email Campaign 3: Christmas Day

It may seem counter-intuitive to send a marketing message on Christmas Day, but you could well see a spike in sales if the correct message lands at the right time. While there may be quiet periods of traffic during the day, with all those smartphone and tablet gifts combined with lazy evenings after a heavy meal, potential customers will undoubtedly turn to the internet to discover what Boxing Day deals may be forthcoming. As such, tailor your message accordingly and present your audience with the products featuring the biggest marketing potential.

consider new years eve marketing campaigns

Email Campaign 4: New Year’s Eve

Like Boxing Day, the January sales present consumers with the chance to make great savings across a host of products. As such, you should get your email in early to highlight those products you will be offering for sale. Should the products you plan on selling have truly exceptional savings, you may even wish to create a countdown message or ‘limited time only’ deals to really raise anticipation.

Online shopping is as integral to the festive break as visiting the high street, and offers the same chance to interact with your customer base. And, while email marketing is a traditional form of customer engagement, Christmas itself is a tradition we all love. Make the most of the opportunities presented by the Christmas break and engage with a captive audience. You could well see a huge upturn in sales through some careful planning.

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2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing tips:  Email Campaigns
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2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing tips: Email Campaigns
Our second topic for our "12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing" looks at the cost effective method of increasing retention sales, through the use of email marketing to your existing customer base.

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