1st Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Prepare your PPC

Arrange your Christmas PPC campaigns in advance

It may well be the most wonderful time of the year, but the Christmas break doesn’t mean that the world of digital marketing comes to a standstill.  For businesses large and small, retail or service orientated, the opportunity to cash-in on the season of good will is too tempting to resist.  So preparation of your campaigns is of the utmost importance - none more so than when it comes to your pay-per-click (PPC) activity.

Value for money is fundamental to a successful PPC campaign – nobody wants to spend their marketing budget without getting anything in return. Therefore, while businesses may well take a few days off to enjoy their turkey and selection boxes, ensuring that campaigns are optimised and ready for the festive break means investing time and effort in your PPC management programme. But what preparations do you need to make, and what precautions might be required?

Below we provide you with a few vital tips to ensure your PPC budgets are as effective as can be this Christmas.

Set your PPC budgets

  • Ensure any additional off-line marketing budget has been re-allocated to your PPC campaigns, to capitalise on increased web use during the festive period.
  • Make sure you have set up your budgets early – and double-checked them – so that there are no errors during periods of annual leave.
  • Boxing Day and New Year’s Day represent some of the busiest of the year for those looking at sales and savings so, if you operate an online retail business, ensure you have additional budget afforded to these periods.

Choose your products for extra PPC promotion

It may seem obvious to say, but it’s essential you’ve conducted an appraisal of your products and supporting keywords, as well as identified those key items with the best chance of selling. The lead up to the Christmas break is packed with sales opportunities, with all shoppers looking for the best deal on the most in-demand products. Similarly, as soon as Christmas is over with, running promotions across those items with the biggest discounts is all but guaranteed to pique interest and achieve a higher click-through rate.

A good expression to consider is the 20/80 rule.  E.g. 20% of your stock will bring in 80% of your revenue.  You need to identify which items fall into that all important 20%.

Identifying product performance in Google Analytics 

Seasonal trends – adapt your PPC accordingly

With shoppers on the lookout for value and savings immediately after Christmas, the importance of optimising your adverts and landing pages cannot be overstated.  This is your chance to capitalise on periods of high web usage, so ensuring you have clear call to actions on landing pages, promote the right messages at the right time in ad copy, and carefully select those products that are most likely to sell over the festive break.  Consider adapting your landing page to mimic the time of year, and give it a festive appearance.  

standing landing page versus festive adapted landing page 

Christmas is a particularly competitive time for retailers and businesses, with a captive audience and shoppers looking for the best deal more than at any other time of the year presenting the opportunity for the savvy marketing executive and business owners to maximise returns on PPC spend. Follow our tips and ensure your marketing budget goes further than ever, with no issues arising during your own festive break. Or speak with us at Whitefish Marketing to see how we can optimise and setup your PPC campaigns for the best returns during this all-important time of year.

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1st Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Prepare your PPC Campaigns
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1st Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Prepare your PPC Campaigns
The first instalment of our "12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing" sees us focusing on your PPC campaigns for that added tactical advantage.

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