12th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Use rich snippets

As Christmas edges ever closer and the time to buy presents begins to run out, internet users will be spending the last few days scouring the web for the best deals money can buy. What this means for your business is that there is increased opportunity for you to stand out from a crowd in any way you can to attract business.

Stand out in search engine results

One of the best ways to stand out in the search engines and attract the attention of users is to embrace the use of schema mark up and rich snippets. Rich snippets enable users to see at a glance certain details on a product. With such information visible on the search engine results page, potential customers will be able to view information that is often integral to making a decision on whether to purchase or not. For instance, if you’re promoting products, the following details can be tailored to appear on the listing page:

  • Brand name
  • Model
  • Product ID
  • Product rating
  • Price

The result of using rich snippets on your product page is significant, with click-through rates increasing due to the presence of reviews and prices, and bounce rate being reduced, with only relevant traffic visiting your page. As such, this quality of traffic means that you can focus your attentions on conversion rate optimisation on your product pages, devising a purchase path for them to follow, and cross-selling and up-selling additional products to help generate revenue.

Rich snippets at Christmas

Online activity picks up significantly during the run up to Christmas, so using every means you can to capture the attention of users is vital. Rich snippets enable you to connect with potential customers who may be in the very early stages of the buying process and looking to compare suppliers of certain products. By being able to highlight the key attributes as well as pricing, properly crafted rich snippets will stand out from the crowd and help generate the interest you deserve this Christmas.

While setting up your rich snippets in time for Christmas will be a time-consuming task, the potential rewards ensure that it is a project worth undertaking. Driving additional sales this Christmas and into the New Year ensures you can help your business attract the right customers at the right time.

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12th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Use Rich Snippets
Article Name
12th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Use Rich Snippets
Use rich snippets to help stand out from the crowd in search engine results. Make your website and more importantly your products stand out from competitors this Christmas.

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