12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips for E-Commerce and Online Retailers

Christmas is one of the most important times of year in the calendar of any online retailer.  The holiday season shopping becomes a frenzy of bagging last minute deals with quick delivery, finding that perfect special “must-have” item, or simply a selfish chance to bag yourself a treat at a reduced price.  Whatever the intention, at this time of year the shoppers come out to play, and you need readily to arm yourself to compete for their attention and business.

As marketing consultants, at Whitefish Marketing we look to plan all our campaigns ahead of schedule.  In fact for most of our clients, we aim to adopt a 12 month strategy that sees preparation of marketing activity a long time before the required launch date.  However, we know that best laid plans don’t always follow the outlined route, and there are times when we need to react to the market quickly.  For many businesses, Christmas has crept up on them too quickly and now they find themselves in a position trying to capitalise on one of the business commercial seasons.

So, we decided to piece together some handy tips we have denoted: “12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips”

Through the course 12 articles we aim to offer you a handy and practical tip, which you can implement quickly to make a positive impact on your business and your consumer base.  

Our 12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips

1st Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Prepare your PPC campaigns

2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Utilise emails effectively

3rd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Identify your key products in Google Analytics

4th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Are you converting well?

5th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Bespoke product pages for key items

6th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Show your returns policy loud and clear

7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Display your delivery costs clearly

8th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Manage expectations for delivery times

9th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Use press releases to full effect

10th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Think socially

11th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Time to up-sell and cross-sell

12th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing:  Use Rich Snippets

12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips
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12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips
Our 12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips, offering advice for E-commerce websites and Online Retailers in the build up to Christmas sales.

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