11th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Remember to upsell and cross-sell

Christmas has a tendency to creep up on even the most diligent and organised person, resulting in a frantic rush to buy presents for friends, family, office colleagues, and significant others. It may also be a case that this last-minute rush is accompanied by a panic of not knowing what to buy and frenetically scouring websites and stores to find a suitable gift. In just such an instance, you should try to optimise your upsell and cross-selling marketing campaigns to help secure valuable sales and generate additional revenue.

Learn from the best

Amazon has long been leading the way in how to effectively cross-sell products, presenting buyers with complementary items and even recommendations based on what other purchasers have bought in the past. In addition, the company is able to package together items into a bundle which results in a lower cost than if each item was bought separately. When it comes to shopping for Christmas items, this method of promotion is hugely effective as customers want the best deal and enough items to give as gifts.

Offer additional services

You also have the chance to offer additional services over the Christmas period that are revenue generating but not necessarily related to your product inventory. For instance, many people find the prospect of gift wrapping the presents they wish to hand over a laborious and time-consuming task. Why not look to offer a gift-wrapping service that helps alleviate the burden? For a negligible charge, you can ensure your product arrives ready packaged to place under the Christmas tree.

Alternatively, for those unable to get home for Christmas or who have friends and family located in destinations hundreds of miles away, you may wish to offer delivery direct to the recipient so as not to cause additional postage costs for the buyer. In doing so, you will not only save the purchaser money, but cultivate a good relationship which will endure into the future, and hopefully lead to recommendations from existing customers.

Think about repeat purchases for the future

If upselling and cross-selling are not successful immediately, you may even choose to retain customer details for use further down the line. Manage the data well and you could follow up with emails containing exclusive discounts and promotions. You should never overlook the potential for repeat custom, so focusing as much on cross-selling for the future as in the immediate time frame will prove invaluable for your business.

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11th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Remember to Upsell and Cross Sell
Article Name
11th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Remember to Upsell and Cross Sell
Remember to upsell and cross-sell during this festive season. Additional services such as gift wrapping, speedy delivery, and loyalty points will all help bring in more revenue both now and in the future.

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