10th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips - Think about social platforms

If Christmas is for sharing, social media is the channel through which we experience the seasonal fun of our friends and relatives, both at home and further afield. Christmas parties, office meals, and the gathering of the family unit mean social activity on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter goes into overdrive, with photos, videos and messages appearing at a startling rate. As such, you should look to take advantage of this growth in activity, promoting your business, running competitions or, best of all, delivering engaging content that simply adds to the festive fun.

Increasing brand awareness through social channels

Embracing social media is vital to raising the awareness of your brand to new audiences, while also playing an integral role in maintaining a relationship with existing customers. As such, increased social media usage over the festive period means you should look to invest in creating social content that will engage with audiences.

Why not look at preparing a ‘countdown to Christmas’ social schedule, revealing a special offer each day across your line of products? Alternatively, you can run an online competition with a festive theme, engaging with your customers while also promoting upsell opportunities and raising interest in your brand. Customer engagement with social media users has never been more important to an effective marketing strategy, so embrace the captive audience this Christmas and boost your profile through simple interaction.

Using Paid social adverts

While the theory behind connecting with customers online sounds simple, we know that companies in niche market sectors may have more difficulty in promoting their wares than those in a retail sector that is in constant demand. As such, embracing paid advertising on social media may well represent the most effective means to generating an online audience.

One of the best features of paid advertising on Facebook, for example, is the ability to target those users at a detailed level. You can choose an audience to promote to based on location, interests, occupation, age, and more, meaning that the degree of awareness you have about a potential audience will complement the content and marketing messages you choose to promote. What’s more, Facebook advertising is affordable, with the chance to run news-feed adverts or ‘boost’ status updates and photos to thousands for a negligible cost.

Empower your customers to spread the word for you

One final way to utilise social marketing this Christmas is to leave most of the work to your customers. If your website offers tips and advice, or even sells products direct, you can always implement a share functionality that posts purchase information onto customers’ profile. Of course, most buyers will not wish to share details of presents they’ve bought (and ruin the surprise!), but by giving them the opportunity to share fascinating finds with others will leave you to sit back and let others build interest in your brand.

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10th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Think Socially
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10th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing - Think Socially
Consider utilising social media marketing to encourage present idea sharing. The perfect way to spread the word at Christmas.

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