Getting your Accountancy Web Design Right

With search engines and websites becoming more important in the quest to get new customers, it is absolutely vital to get accounting website designs right. Within this, what goes on the accountancy websites is now a key consideration. Here are 10 things that must be included on your accountancy website to ensure customers have the best possible user experience.


  1. A breakdown of each of your services. Having a clear breakdown of the services provided makes it easy for customers to see what your accountancy firm can do for them. It also makes it easy to navigate your site rather than having to click through various pages to find the content required. This in turn makes it more engaging for the customer and could lead to higher enquiry conversion rates.


  1. Strong and visible call to action. Many accountancy websites have good content and information but let themselves down by never actually having a call to action. A call to action is something which is meant to provoke the customer into contacting you. Unless you get that contact, it is impossible to convert them into a customer so it really is important to give them a method of contacting you.


It is also important to give them more than one method of contacting you and not to just rely on a solitary “contact us” page. If that page for whatever reason was slow loading or had errors, you could lose customers. Always include a phone number alongside a contact form at the bottom of most pages to encourage customers to get in touch.


  1. Up to date news. A good accountancy website should have a news section on there with all relevant news to the areas in which it operates. For example, around budget time, there should be some news about that and the way in which changes could effect both individuals and businesses. Having a news section shows customers that your business is current and up to date on all accounting issues and this inspires trust. It is also useful as it could actually help customers find your website if they are searching for specific current subjects.


  1. Key Resources. Having a page which includes links and attachments to key resources such as VAT forms, Appointment of Director forms and P46 forms can be really useful. Firstly, it can make customers happy as they feel like they are getting something for nothing. Secondly, it can drive customers to your site if they search for specific forms and you have them on your site. Finally, it can actually be a way of driving more business. For example, if your website has a contractor take home pay calculator on it, you can then use that to advertise your contractor accountancy services.


  1. A blog. Blogs are being used more frequently in the accountancy sector. Accountancy firms are using these to write about and comment upon key topical accounting issues. Blog are great as they give you a chance to talk directly to potential customers. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your professional voice and also to develop yourself as a voice of authority on issues. Further to this, you can also include call to actions within blogs so as well as speaking to potential customers, you can actively encourage business.


  1. About us page. An about us page is one of the most viewed pages of accountancy firm’s websites. This page gives you the opportunity to tell your customers a bit about your history, your philosophy and why you are different to competitors. It is a key opportunity to sell yourselves and build a rapport with potential customers.


  1. Meet the team. Commonly found on accountancy websites “about us” page is a meet the team section. This has two main benefits. Firstly, it gives you the chance to show off the wide range of skills and qualifications you have. This builds trust with the customer and enables you to become the recognised expert on all accountancy issues. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to connect with the customer as “real people”. People tend to buy from people so by showcasing your team, customers are able to visualise the people they will be dealing with which is far more engaging than faceless and nameless individuals.


  1. Office Locations and Opening Hours. By providing details of your office locations, you make your business feel more tangible. It also gives you the opportunity to portray your organisation. For example, if you want to come across as professional, slick, accountancy firm, then pictures of your offices could help do that. Equally, if you wanted to come across as a more personable accountancy firm, then you could have people laughing in a nice spacious office for example.


  1. Potential customers often need persuading to go with you and almost suffer from fear when making their decision. Testimonials can be a very strong way to convince potential customers to turn in to actual customers. Positive experiences from current customers are very powerful when potential customers are making decisions. An example from a different sector illustrates this point nicely. TripAdvisor provides feedback from customers on experiences at hotels, restaurants, activities etc. Those that rank well are far more likely to be visited by people browsing the site than those at the bottom. Positive experiences help customers reduce risk from any purchasing decisions.


  1. Social Media Links. Social media, like testimonials, can be a powerful way of connecting with customers and persuading them to use your services. Platforms such as Linkedin are particularly useful for sharing content you have written and if the content is good, then you can often see this spreading as more people share it. This is great free marketing and also highly useful for SEO purposes.


Accountancy websites are important tools in engaging and persuading potential customers. Getting the accounting website design right is crucial to the quest to get more customers and there are many considerations. Having a good design, great content and testimonials from existing customers can really help increase visitors, enquiries and conversions.

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10 Things to Be Included on Your Accountancy Firm’s Website
Here are a few important elements to consider when designing your accountancy website to get the best user experience.

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