More ways in which your website is outdated (pt2)

We recently looked at some of the most common ways in which some company websites are outdated.  But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to technological developments, the internet’s come on leaps and bounds, offering a wealth of interesting and engaging sites, so it’s important to keep your part of the web looking fabulous. It’s just as important, however, that your site doesn’t fall into any of the traps below. Take a look at ten more signs that your website may be out of date.

1. Your website looks small

Does your website look tiny on a modern computer? Do you have swathes of unused screen space that could be better utilised with some careful redesign? If so, this is because a few years ago sites tended to be built for much smaller screen resolutions instead of today’s widescreen, high-res alternatives. Hire yourself a designer and start working up some new layouts optimised for the modern web browsing devices.  Even looking at ustilising the background space which borders your site will make an improvement.

2. Hit counters

With high-tech tools such as Google Analytics available, you certainly do not need a visible hit counter on your website. This dated form of visitor counting stopped being popular around the time of Myspace, so remove as soon as possible to ensure that visitors to your website don’t feel too nostalgic.

3. Text within an image

Unfortunately, text contained within images cannot be read by search engines and will greatly affect your SEO performance. Similarly, users with images disabled won’t be able to read your content so ensure all written words are displayed as text.  

Hot Tip – don’t forget to use Alt Tags for your images, to help easily identify for search engine crawlers such as Google and others.

4. Poor usability

If your site has such a complicated script that only experienced web developers can update, a website review is definitely necessary. Easy-to-use content management systems like WordPress are readily available and will enable you to make changes as and when you see fit. This means you’ll have the ability to add and update content according to your audience’s needs.

5. Out-of-date offers

What’s the use in having old marketing messages on your site? If that ‘buy one get one free’ offer has expired, ensure that you remove it to avoid misleading customers. You should keep a close eye on your promotions in order to attract and retain customers, and ensure that you are able to fulfil the promises contained in them.

6. Inaccurate information

Inaccurate information including products that are unavailable, prices, store locations, contact information (we talked about contact information in our last post), etc. should be reviewed on a daily basis, so as not to mislead your customers. Failure to keep you information up-to-date may lead to legal problems and lose you customers.

7. Your blog hasn’t been updated

Blogs are a great way to engage with customers, but must be updated regularly with fresh, relevant, and engaging content. If you’ve not put a new post on your blog for some time, you should look to invest in content and keep connected with your audience. Fresh content will also help your website’s performance in the search engines and generate more traffic.  Also it shows your viewers you are still an active and operating business.

8. Broken links

If your site is so out of date that you have a host of broken links, missing pages, or other non-working features, it’s time to remedy the situation. The best way to fix any such problems is to carry out a complete SEO audit and repair the most important pages one step at a time before moving on to the rest of your site. Google Webmaster Tools will prove an invaluable asset in helping you identify any problems with your site.

9. Outdated photography

The imagery on a website is an important marketing aid, but should be used correctly. Outdated pictures of your business won’t work to your advantage, so show off any changes and keep your images current. It’s vital that you invest in quality photography services too, thereby conveying your business in the very best light.

10. Security updates

Sites that lack security features are more likely to be hacked. For this reason you should install safety plugins and keep your website as secure as possible, even if it means calling in a computer professional to help. The ramifications of not having a secure site could be catastrophic for your business. 

10 signs that your website is outdated pt2
Article Name
10 signs that your website is outdated pt2
10 more points to review, to see if your website is outdated and needs a refresh. In today's digital workspace, your website represents you and your service. Make sure it is up to date with current trends and expected usability.

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