Search engine optimisation has been through a lot over recent years, with the evolution of search engine algorithms ensuring that the discipline is more varied and more important than ever. As such, it would be easy for the layman – and even some practitioners – to lose sight of the core requirements and underlying fundamentals of effective SEO.

In order to ensure that your website and your online marketing remain at the top of their game, we’ve provide a checklist of ten basic principles of SEO online marketing. By upholding these principles across your marketing activity, you can be confident of enduring success online and off.

Lasting effect

Something we’re always faced with is the issue of trying to achieve ‘quick wins’. When it comes to SEO, there is no shortcut to success… well, no safe shortcut. Over the years, many websites have hopped on the quick win bandwagon, only for Google to penalise them further down the line. Good SEO requires hard work and time, so remember that the lasting effects of proper SEO far outweigh the short-lived gains available through nefarious SEO tactics.

Optimise websites for users

It’s long been the case that trying to appease search engines was the route to take for webmasters, with sites optimised for the bots and crawlers that would rank their site. In 2015, it’s about the user. Offer a great user-centric experience, and expect better rankings.

Content is key

Regular, quality content is fundamental to online success, with the real key beingquality. Quality content attracts links, attracts traffic, and promotes interaction. Don’t scrimp on your investment in content – Google knows what is and isn’t valuable!

Responsive web design

 Mobile browsing has never been more important, with Google’s recent mobile friendly update indicative of how vital it is to have a website that is compatible on all devices. Responsive web design has come a long way, so there’s no excuse for failing to adapt.

Social awareness

 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… we probably all have a business account, but are we using it effectively? Modern SEO demands that management of your social reputation is as important to your rankings as any other factor, so act accordingly and add value to the social experience.

Viewer Engagement

 It’s not enough for your website simply to contain exceptional written content; users demand more from their browsing experience, so embrace video and interactive features to boost engagement, dwell time, and user experience.

Keep links clean

Backlinks remain all-important to a website’s success. Of course, like most things, quality trumps quantity every time. Ensure you build a link profile that features only high-quality, relevant links, and avoid future penalties over spam links.

Effective KPI reporting

Knowing precisely what to measure and how to measure it enables you to assess and improve performance on a regular basis. Invest the time in crafting comprehensive reports that you can benchmark your progress against and review regularly.

Simplify everything

From the URL structure to page layout, content to traffic flow, simplifying the elements of your site will prove beneficial to search engines and users alike. Conduct regular website audits and determine where changes can be made for the better.

Keep it fresh

 It’s amazing that many websites continue to operate with either duplicated content or few updates. Search engines like things to be fresh, so keep adding quality content regularly to ensure online success.

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10 basic principles of SEO online marketing
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10 basic principles of SEO online marketing
SEO is more important than ever, these 10 basic principles could help with your success online

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