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Let us help you make up your mind.  We believe if you view our core values below, you'll understand where we are coming from and value the level of service we can offer you.   


    We are a dedicated Digital Marketing agency, focusing purely on 3 core products (Acquisition, Conversion, Retention), to ensure our skill-set is not diluted. We don't focus on offline activities, and we don't stretch our range of services simply to accommodate new ideas available elsewhere in the marketplace. We know what works and what yields positive return, we stick to those strengths, and we don't focus outside.


    An expert service provider who is focused on results.


    Comprised mainly of former London professionals, the Whitefish Marketing team offer a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge in the Digital Marketing sector. Our team routinely maintain high levels of education to ensure they are at the forefront of any industry changes which can positively (or negatively) affect your business and bottom line results.


    A pioneering team of digital marketing professionals who are among the leaders in their field... working on your account.


    Our remote service allows us to operate from offices outside of prime locations, such as London or other major cities. As such we are based in Kent, with strong transport links to the City and beyond for any face-to-face meetings. Our reduced overheads allow us to pass savings onto our clients (essential in this competitive marketplace) whilst retaining the high quality standard of service, commonly expected of leading professionals.


    We offer high quality London-orientated services... but at rural Kent prices.


    We go above and beyond. We don't just action your requirements and sit back. We also consult and provide key recommendations (based on an thorough understanding of your needs and how your business works) to ensure you get the best from your campaigns. We are not simply a service provider, we want to be a part of your business.


    A company you can trust to initiate marketing activities in the best interest of your company.


    We are not a conventional online service provider with fixed off-the-shelf packages. Each of our packages are representative of the work carried out, but we tailor the service to your needs to meet your objects, timescales and expected ROI.


    A bespoke service to provide you with the best return on your digital marketing budget.

    Our Core Values

    Here at Whitefish our top priority is performance for client marketing campaigns, but we also understand the importance of communication with our clients, to maintain a good balance and a high level of customer satisfaction. So we centre our services are centred around 4 key attributes, which from our corporate values.

    • Quality

    • Value

    • Flexibility

    • Reliability

    QUALITY - "Performance comes first!"

    "Performance comes first" is our slogan, and as such we stand by the quality of our work. At Whitefish we headhunt for our select team of marketing professionals, to ensure only the best qualified in their field will work on client campaigns. The result is customer satisfaction.

    VALUE - True value for money

    Whilst we may not be the cheapest agency around, we are dedicated specialists in the field of digital marketing, with a strong focus within the white collar industries. Our knowledge, expertise and experience combined with our performance driven attitude, offer a true value for money service. Rather than focusing on price or cost, we aim to show the value and uplift we can bring to your business. 

    FLEXIBILITY - Let us tailor around your needs

    We tailor the marketing campaigns around you... The client. We strategise with you to identify your goals and timeframes, the position of your company in the marketplace and past associated activity, so as to deliver a truly bespoke service. We build a digital marketing campaign to suit your targets and budget.

    RELIABILITY - We choose to win! 

    We don't believe in politics, and we stay clear from vanity. We will only take on a client project if we are confident we can bring in results and add value to your business. We won't sell a service only to see a dissatisfied client at the end of the month - it goes against what we stand for. 

    The Regions we Cover

    Whitefish Marketing is a specialist SEO agency based in Folkestone, Kent, but we handle clients throughout the South East of England, much throughout the London Capital, and even overseas.  Because we work remotely we can help clients located practically anywhere, and whilst we prefer face-to-face meetings we can always communicate via web conferencing and share files - whatever suits you best.  

    Review our Marketing Case Studies

    View our testimonials and marketing case studies to see the types of work we've carried out in the past, and the uplifts we have achieved for our clients. 

    We view each client's goals and objectives on an individual basis, and won't take on a client unless we are certain of the benefit we can provide them.  Here at Whitefish Marketing our entire team, from senior management to intern, fully know the importance of ROI and a need to ensure profitable actions available off the back of marketing expenditure.  

    If you choose Whitefish Marketing we aim to meet your goals, help increase bottom line figures, and offer a greater ROI for your budgets.

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