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Bluelime Home Design is an architectural services company, based in Dartford and covering the added regions of Bexley and Bromley. They service homeowners' needs with home design and extension planning, project manage the builders and liaise with local authorities to deliver a turnkey project.

The Brief

Bluelime Home Design operates its business model regionally.  Their site, similar to conventional lead generation businesses, is centred around the concept of encouraging customers to sign up for whitepaper downloads, useful tips and guides, and free information to help with home renovation.  Thereafter, through the use of email automation, the website will continue to deliver useful information but also attempt to "upsell" their design consultation services, which in turn leads to positive commercial agreements.  

At the time of discussion, the existing Bluelime Home Design website was residing on an ineffective web platform, not conducive for digital marketing, and with limited scope for scaled expansion.  Our role was to redevelop the website with focus on future-proofing the functionality, to allow for a nationwide scaled approach targeting respective geographic territories.  At the same time as web development, we took over the existing PPC campaigns, and also initiated localised SEO activity.

Our Approach

Having worked on nationwide franchised campaigns before, we had a sound understanding on how the structure of the website should be built, to allow for proper geo-targeted micro-sites in the future.  We identified the current drawbacks of the existing platform, matched up the client's requirements, and built a system to accommodate their needs.  Some of our activities for this project included:

  • SEO content copywriting
  • Localised SEO citation repair, then expansion
  • Branding guidance - change of name
  • Geo- and behavioural-targeted PPC campaigns
  • Mailchimp email integration and automation
  • Website transfer to new platform
  • Bespoke functionality development
  • Explainer video production
  • Lead generation

The Results

Visits have increased noticeably since the re-launch of the new website, as has user engagement, through the addition of explainer videos.  The new site is still in its infancy, but is now better placed for expansion to added regions as and when the time arises.

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Whitefish Marketing Case Study: Bluelime Home Design
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Whitefish Marketing Case Study: Bluelime Home Design
View another marketing success from digital SEO agency - Whitefish Marketing - working on this architectural website for Bluelime Home Design, in Dartford